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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I want to show you several more samplers and how they will be finished today. I can't write much as my sister is here working with me. My brother and his family are coming today to help too. We are packing up my mother's things and moving her to Knoxville to be with my sister. Mom is downsizing and it's a hard time for us all.

I feel guilty and sad that my Mom is leaving. She has been here in Kansas City for about 9-10 years and she is a bit teary about moving from her apartment to assisted living. Her tears are because she feels like she is on a downhill slide and is a bit fearful. It's hard to move! The move will provide closeness to my sister's family. She now will have some time with my sister's children and they are all wonderfully fun. My sister is a bit overwhelmed with trying to plan it all. Mix those emotions up and you get a crazy time for all.

The sampler below isn't quite finished yet, but Loretta has an idea to make this sampler into a book cover. It is pictured with her mother's school book. Read below for Loretta's information and the attachment for her blog site.
Loreta writes:

"We all have favourite books. One of my favourites - the book, which belonged to my grandparents - my mother's schoolbook. It's a Lithuanian literature book for 5. grad.
Quite symbolical, that the year of publishing is 1936, the year my mother was born. The title of the book is "Sakalelis" (Little falcon), so it was a pleasure to me to stitch this title and three birds.
I hope at least one of them is a real falcon:) I also stitch the year of publishing - 1936.
I had the idea for finishing from the very start - it will be a cover for this book.
I tried to make the sampler as vintage as I could, and I hope I succeeded...
My choice of linen 30 ct WDW linen Natural/Straw, floss - GAST Mulberry, Rhubarb, Crescent Colors - Chili Pepper and Madeira 0314 32" Click to go to her wonderful blog All the beautiful things.

Our friend Niky Farrauto from Italy stitched this sampler and is now going to use it inside a wonderful sewing box. Niky is the co-author of our book "My Heart Is True." She has a

A close up of her sampler is below. She overdyes her samplers with a bit of tea.
Her "primitive" style of design makes this one look antique....only the date gives it away.

I bet as internet savvy as you all are you have probably already seen Nancy's finish pictured below.

Nancy writes:
"Thank you so much for providing us needlework addicts with this lovely chart! I enjoyed it very much. I stitched the sampler as charted and finished it into a pillow. Attached is a photo. If you are interested in more photos, and a little story, I also posted it on my blog (link below)."
The name of her blog is Lovely In Chocolate. I'm sure that Barb would agree that everything looks more lovely in chocolate.

A detail of Barbara's sampler is above and she writes:
"I started stitching this beautiful sampler the same day you posted it on your blog, but with four kids and lots of other
"distractions", it's taken me until today to finish it.
This will be a gift for my dear friend Sara (maiden name Brice). I'll be seeing Sara this summer for the first time in 3 long years. She's a friend who has seen me through thick and thin, and somewhere in there she also taught me to cross stitch. We met in 1987, so in keeping with the vintage feel of the sampler, I've subtracted 100 years. ;)
I’ve stitched this on 28 ct Celery/Natural Graziano linen using HDF silks Black Iris Bloom, Everlasting, and Dried Roses. The bird is from an old Dutch book “Klassieke Kruissteek Motieven” edited by Gertie Wandel. I chose a swan/goose because of the associations with loyalty, love, and steadfastness - as well as both birds being known as very protective mothers. Sara is a dedicated mother, wife, and friend and I wanted to choose a bird that reflected these traits of hers.
I went on to add some vintage hand-tatted lace, black rick rack, floral rick rack, shell buttons, and an antique-style key so the sampler looks like it’s been made by someone who wanted to show Sara how much she loves her by adding her prettiest bits & bobs (which is actually the case!)." Take a look at her blog Mainely stitching!

Her sampler is framed and filled with love and symbolism of her friendship. By the way, I did ask before posting. I didn't want to spoil any surprises!!!

Take care dear friends. Enjoy your day and save a bit of time for stitching.



  1. Isn't it amazing that one design can have so many different faces based on the stitcher's personality! Seeing more of this sampler stitched is such a treat.

    I hope everything goes well for your Mother and for the rest of your family.

  2. It's great to see so many interpretations of this sweet little sampler!

    My best wishes to your Mother on her move.

  3. Thank you for sharing everyone's entry! They are all so pretty and individual!

  4. I just love seeing all of these entries, each one is beautiful to behold.

  5. They are all so beautiful - each in it's own unique way! I love it when that happens! I will say a prayer that thing will go smoothly for everyone with your Mom's move. I know how hard it is, & I'm saying a special prayer that God will especially care for your heart too.

    So happy that you are blogging!. . . a belated welcome! . . .
    xo, Bren

  6. love seeing everyones stitchery
    and the links to the blogs.
    Oh Alma good luck and good thoughts to you and your family during the time, your mom will adjust and she will be getting the care she needs.
    And hopefully she will make new friends in no time.

  7. Hi Alma!
    I am one of your newest bloggers...but not new to your wonderful designs. I loved seeing the different pretty! I didn't know you have a sister in Knoxville...I am in Knoxville also...if you are talking about TN. What part? Your sister and I could be neighbors and don't know it.

    Jan :)

  8. Hi Alma, I have loved seeing everybody's work on this wonderful sampler. I will stitch it soon but haven't as of yet but when I do I will email you a photo. Hope your mother's move goes well. I am pretty sure she will enjoy assisted living more than she thinks because there will be loads to do there and lots of people her age. Love Patti xxx

  9. I hope everything goes well for you Mums move and that it goes as smoothly as possible for you all .

    I am enjoying seeing just how differently we have all stitched and even finished PLR. Alice would be proud !

  10. Alma, I have tried to find an email address to contact you, but have failed. I need to talk to you about your pattern "Four Basket Quilt". Can you contact me, please?

  11. Alma, I have tried to find an email address to contact you, but have failed. I need to talk to you about your pattern "Four Basket Quilt". Can you contact me, please?

  12. They're lovely and it's amazing how different versions one design can have.
    I hope everything goes well with your mum.

  13. Alma,

    I am sending you all my positive thoughts for your mum.
    Hugs from grey Paris

  14. RE: 4 basket quilt
    You can reach me at

    that's my e-mail address. I will be in town tomorrow...but have to leave Tuesday to drive the U-haul to Knoxville.


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  17. They all really turned out cool, so many different finishings. I found 2 Blackbird Designs I had purchased in Minnesota. One I've started and the other I need to do also. Love your blog.

  18. What great ideas. I love the one in the box.
    Hope the move goes well and your mom will feel at home once she is settled.

  19. j'ai brodé avec grand plaisir ce magnifique sampler que j'ai légèrement modifié est visible sur mon blog avec la petite histoire inventée pour l'occasion ! Il sera encadré et mis en bonne place dans mon "work-shop-atelier"
    Merci !

  20. Alma - sending best wishes for a easy transition for your mom and family members - caring for an aging parent is very challenging but the rewards are endless. Safe journey to Tenn.

    Thanks for showing more wonderful sampler submissions.

  21. I think it's just wonderful to see all the entries. I saw Barbara's in person yesterday and it was stunning! Of course, she did have lovely material to work with :o)

    I also wanted to say that I really admire you, not only for the brilliant designs, but also for the way you're dealing with life. I just read your entry 'Storms of Life' (I was actually looking for a sneak peek at the May LF design)and found a post I hadn't expected. Thank you for sharing.

  22. You have to most wonderful blog. I am such a fan of yours in everyway. I will be in booth 552 at market next week and hope to come meet you personally! I'm a fan to say the least.

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful projects!


  23. They are all so lovely...and thanks so much for sharing the finishing ideas as well!


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