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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My friend Liezbeth Gottschall, from the Netherlands shared this picture with me this morning. It took my breath away. (Click on her name for her blog.) Liezbeth, of Crown Stitches, had a booth at Nantes, France and I had to purchase some wonderful patterns from her. Her blog shows pictures of her booth and close-up pictures of her stockings. (After looking at her blog I see I missed purchasing this pattern from her. Scroll down about half way on her blog and take a look at the pattern "Swiss Topiary." It's a spot sampler with wonderful basket motifs. I love doing spot samplers. After finishing a motif, I sit back and feel like I got something done. Plus this is all one color.....even easier.)
Anyway...back to the subject...take a look at this!!!

Liezbeth writes, "It was nice seeing you two again in Nantes after seeing you at Nashville market last February. I've read your hometravel went well. Last Saturday we had the second of our monthly Stockings-café. This time we had 19 ladies and they all enjoyed the lovely stockings. I am sending you a photo of their results of the first café. On the back you see Els from Bobbin, my friend who also had a booth in Nantes."

Note to Liezbeth....Barb and I wish we were there, stitching with you. The light is lovely coming in through the window. Great for stitching. I see coffee cups and looks like treats on the table. (I love treats on a table!) Nothing better than stitching and having fun with a group of friends. Looks like lots of work getting done too. I know who is going to have stockings on Christmas trees this year.

I forgot to mention that Fabienne from yesterday's post has a blog too. Click on her name for her blog site. She has great pictures of Nantes, France and a couple of our class projects too. I would post pictures of our trip ...but Barb still has them. I don't get to meet up with Barb that often and I haven't had a chance to pick the disc up yet.

Gudfinna Helgadóttir from Iceland sent the following pictures:

Gudfinna was one of the first foriegn shop owners to come to quilt market. She owns a shop called Virka. She has changed the quilt a bit. The flag block was changed a bit and the center block was adapted from one of the blocks from "Home Sweet Home." She has patterns and kits of the quilt for sale. The patterns were some I made up for her as the book was out of print.

This quilt pattern is from the book "Simply Vintage." It is by Cherie Ralston and myself. I just heard from Doug Weaver at the Kansas City Star that they are going to reprint this book for us.
It's been out of print for about 6 months and the demand has still been high. You will be able to order this book from them.

The Star is also reprinting the book "Friendship's Garden" for us too. Both of these books will now be available from the Kansas City Star. Click on their name above for their web-site.

I have to go and work on our fabric line....UPS lost the overnight box I sent to Moda fabrics and one of our prints has to be redone. Darn it anyway!!!

Until later dear friends.



  1. The quilt is gorgeous! I really like the changes that were made to the pattern.

  2. I'll bet when you and Barb began designing and selling patterns, you had no idea they would be world travelers!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! Sorry about UPS. ;)

  4. Hi Alma,
    Have tremendously enjoyed reading of your trip to France and seeing the beautiful pictures. I fell in love with your hexagon pincushion project and would love to know if this pattern can be purchased.

  5. Oh my, talk about showcasing loads of talent! I loved clicking on your links... The picture of the stitchers reminded me of the group with which I meet every Monday evening - no sunlight unfortunately, and the premises are not as pretty, but we have lots of laughs as we stitch together, and we often share treats - great anti-stress therapy!

  6. fabulous quilt - isn't it gratifying to know that you and Barb touch so many lives all around the world. So many talented needleworkers out there - it's great we can share so easily - how fortunate we all are for our common love of needle work.

  7. The Swiss Topiary is a freebie in 12 parts still on my website,, so if you want...........

  8. That "stocking" group looks like a lot of fun.
    And the quilt is just lovely.

  9. Thanks for your story! This needle works are amazing! I can't even imagine how much time you need to spend to make such beauty! I know that mother of one of my friends from paper writing service works with a needle and I like everything she's doing!


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