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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last night before going to bed I checked my e-mail one more time. You just never know when your kids might send you a critical note. critical notes but I'm glad I checked. Below is my late night note from "angel eye."

"Hi Barb and Alma,
I just can't wait to show you something am I the first one? :):):)
Thank you so much! I love every design of yours."

Yes, I believe you are the first one! The above picture is her finished piece.
Click on her name for her blog....You have to see the fabric she used on this needlebook. And while you are there take a look at the sweaters she has knitted! They are beautiful. This is one amazing woman.

I wanted to show you a patchwork shop we visited in Paris.

Le Rouvray is the name of this wonderful shop. We were exhausted at the end of the day and turned the corner....and there was the shop! I'm at the counter holding a package of French fabric. I'm not sure what to make yet....but look at that grin. Nothing makes me happier than a bit of fabric. (Click-on the shop name for her web-site and blog.)

Love the fabrics in this wonderful quilt. The French quilters still do most of their quilting and piecing by hand. Barb and I do everything by machine now...but looking at the quilts in France makes me miss the peacefulness of handwork. Do you feel that way sometimes too?

Lots of fabric here....

And here some vintage items for sale. Makes it fun!

While in Paris we visited Montmartre for a morning. Laura and I walked up to the top of the hill for the view.

Here is a shot of Laura on her way down after our climb.

And what did we find at the bottom of the hill?

We found Barb having a quiet moment stitching. (She's the smart one of this group!)

Until later!



  1. All of your pictures are lovely! I so want to go to Paris and see these things for myself. Barb, you are one smart woman. I would have been plopped right next to you!
    I missed seeing you at market last week, but I do understand that it gets tiring! Hope to see you in the Fall.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pretty pics and the link to Angel Eye!

  3. Wow she was fast getting the stitching finished! And I love the photos from the French patchwork shop...thanks for sharing!

  4. It's so much fun to see your Paris pictures. It looks like you had so much fun! I could go nuts in that quilt shop. :D Barb looks so happy stitching there on that bench. How blissful!

  5. Thanks for the wonderful pictures again!

  6. Good morning Barbara e Alma,
    on my blog my pincushion ;)

  7. Reading your blog is almost as good as having you here to talk with. I've loved your patterns and fabrics for years! Thanks for the free charts and sharing your lives with us.

  8. I'm so pleased to see the pictures of our shop . I'm pleased you enjoyed visiting Paris. You make so nice quilts !

  9. I'm loving your views of Paris - thanks for sharing, and kudos to Barb for finding a nice place to sit and stitch.

  10. Great pictures of Paris. Need to go back again; it's been too many years. The patchwork shop is adorable! Do they mostly carry American fabrics?

  11. Angel Eye's needlebook is lovely, and the fabric is perfect, isn't it? She does have some amazing sweaters and stitching.

    Thanks for sharing your photos. What a fantastic place!

  12. Alma thank you so much for yuor comment on my blog ;)
    i'm very happy
    Ciao MAria

  13. HELLO please help me
    I saw your quilt, you gave him(it) current in Nantes what is that you to pouver to inform me or I can find the modele http: // rDuFilNantesAvril2009*53290393036962657 46
    I do not know if there is in a book one in kit or pattern if you could help me it would be nice
    Thank you very much

  14. I discovered your pattern called in french "le marché aux oiseaux" on Véro's blog and I'd know where I could buy the pattern. Thank you very much !!

  15. Hi Claire,

    Are you asking about the scrap basket quilt? Each block is about 6" and Barb and her Mom made about a million of them. It's a full sized quilt. If that's the one, it is in the book published by the Kansas City Star. The title is "When The Cold Wind Blows."
    If not...let me know.


  16. Hi Celine,

    The pattern "le marché aux oiseaux" on Véro's blog is not available right now. It is a piece that we have used for teaching. It will be published soon.


  17. Merci pour Souvenir de France!
    J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.
    Thank you for all.

  18. It all looks so wonderful! I dream of going to Paris one day! And I especially love that 9 patch quilt!

  19. Looks like you had a great time in Paris. Thanks for the pattern...I needed to make a quick gift for a stitching friend who is in the hospital and this is perfect!

  20. Hi!!! I visited The Rouvray too!!! las February, a dreammed quilt shop! I´m from Argentina. Love your blog!

  21. Hi Barb, Alma and all the Blackbird friends out in cyberspace!! I was so inspired by your photos of France and the lovely cross stitch. My youngest daughter, Hannah, just celebrated her 15th birthday--she loves France, takes Honors French in school and hopes to visit next year with her French class. So she received a special Blackbird cross stitch with her name and her birth year all with the wonderful French flair of your cross stitch design (I need to figure out how to send a photo!). Thanks so much for the wonderful blog and all the inspiration!!


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