Spring Quilt Market

Monday, May 18, 2009

I wish Barb and I had a great bunch of pictures of Spring Quilt Market to show you....but Barb and I stayed home this time. I worked in my yard over the weekend, knitted on my sock a bit, went to the movies and visited with my daughter and son.

Everyone else was at the quilt party...and we were at home. I did feel a bit left out. No van to load up, no trip to drive, no antique booths to shop along the way, no booth to set up...and worst of all ....we didn't get to see the fun people we always see at market. (I'm starting to sound like I'm whining.) Really, there's quite bit of fun to be had in all of that work. Lots of inspiration too.

I met with Barb over the weekend though. It's always nice to spend a moment with her. She gave me the May stockings to photograph. Today I've been working on photography and pattern design. I have a new camera, so it's taking me a bit longer than usual.

Also, Barb made a souvenir pincushion of our trip. The picture of it is below....Barb wants to give you the pattern on the blog site. (Now I know you will like her better than me!!!) She gives the best presents!

After Alissa completes the chart I will post it for you to download. I asked Barb...."Where's mine?" I might have to make this myself. It's just too cute.

Below is the sampler I just finished. It is from a pattern I purchased in France two years ago. (Marie Lasguigue by Bleu de Soie) I took it back with me again during our last visit. It is well traveled linen!!! I changed a couple of things and added a bird, heart, my daughter's name and the two towns that we visited. I took out about 4 motifs and made it a bit smaller. I think I got tired of stitching the small flower. There are quite a few of them in this sampler. I have
purchased the frame and will ship it off to Laura this week.

Until later friends...hope you find a minute to stitch!



  1. The souvenir pincushion is wonderful! Paris is one of my dream "to do" vacations, so I'll definitely need to stitch this piece once it's available. :)

  2. I noticed no mention of you and Barb on all the quilting blogs so I figured you must not have gone. How strange not to have you there! I'd love to go to a quilt market someday -- or a cross stitch market! I love your sampler from France -- it's gorgeous! What threads did you use for it? I love that red! And thank Barb for the Paris freebie. I can't wait till you post it! BTW, I like you and Barb equally. :D You're both wonderful and talented!

  3. I skipped Market this Spring as well and definately felt a void in my quilting mojo! So many friends and fun, amongst all the hard work. There's always the Fall

  4. Beautiful Pinchushion...looking forward to the pattern...

  5. Will love the Paris pin cushion!! Paris is one of my wishes one day!!!
    Love the sampler chart but have not had time to do it yet but I will!!!
    Love your charts & quilts so much that I have too much!!! lol
    I too admire you both equally!!!
    Karin :)
    in NY

  6. Will there be new fabric and a book/or or patterns? We always love getting your fabric in the shop.

  7. Hi Alma,

    I adore your sampler & Barb's souvenir pincushion. They are both lovely!


  8. what a pretty pincushion! Like everyone Paris is on my list too .. I'd really like to do it for my 60th birthday :)

    Love your sampler too! The color is lovely :)

  9. Such a pretty souvenir pincushion. I look forward to stitching it, and how wonderful you are going to offer the pattern!

    I love your beautiful sampler!

  10. Love the pincushion, can hardly wait for the pattern.

    Thank you!!

  11. The souvenir pincushion is so cute. I'll actually in in Paris for a few days in a little over 2 weeks (my first trip overseas)... I will have to stitch it for a memory piece for my upcoming trip.

  12. I like the pincushion, too and I'm waiting for the pattern, too!

  13. Love the pincushion, just adorable!
    your sampler is beautiful
    can you tell me the thread you used and the color,
    I LOVE that color red.
    the basket from what I can see there is just beautiful.
    sorry you missed market always loved seeing your booth pictures!

  14. always great thingsfrom you.
    i love the tour eiffel tower and I'll behappy to stitch it.
    Thank you in adavnce for sharing your "treasures"

  15. I can't wait for the posting of the Paris pattern - such a lovely souvenir! Thank you to you and Barb and also to Alissa for her charting of the same.

    I adore your red sampler which means I now have to find this pattern too!

  16. That sampler you've stitched is beautiful! And I love the Paris design too, having been there myself this year it would be a wonderful memento to stitch.

  17. Love the sampler from France.I like that you took your french sampler back to France to work on.

  18. I've visited Paris twice and both times stood underneath the Eiffel Tower! The last time I was on a textile study tour with 23 other women. I can't wait to stitch the pincushion as my remembrance of the trip. You ladies are wonderful! Thanks.

    Lisa P.

  19. Your sampler is wonderful.......I would love to do afrench one someday.........Amy

  20. It's a wonderful pincushion, definitely the one to have for anybody, who loves Paris (and it's difficult not to fell in love with this city...)

  21. Beautiful pincushion!

  22. tres jolie interpretation de cette magnifique grille


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