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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm cleaning my screened-in-porch today. Eating alfresco is lovely....when it's not too hot. Sometimes in Kansas we go from a bit of spring to really hot and muggy summers. Not too much fun to be outside. The porch is shaded it can be nice even in the middle of summer, plus the bonus of no bugs. I'll show you an "after" shot. "Before" shots can be horrifying here... and definitely not blog worthy.

Below is a 2 year old picture of the porch during a photo shoot. I had to take everything out to make it into a sleeping room. This set-up was for the book "Birds Of A Feather." It looks just right for a nap....but not's full of spiderwebs and dust.

I thought today might be nice to show a few more of your samplers in this post. Since this is Memorial Weekend ...I'm showing some samplers that were done in remembrance of someone special.

Connie Schwarz sent the sweet sampler pictured above.

"I dedicated this to my granddaughter, Tori, and included the year of her birth. I changed the bottom row to include two little birds and a floral motif. I have not decided on the finish as yet, although I am leaning toward a mini quilt using the fabric behind it as well as that lace that is laying across it. Now if only I can engage the French side of my brain to do one of those exquisite finishes the French stitchers do.
The colors used are dark, DMC 902; medium, DMC 315; and light GAST Lim Ed "Shell." The two DMC colors were given a wash in a light solution of tan dye to age and darken them slightly that is why the 3l5 goes so well with the 902."

Candace Shalongo writes:

"This was stitched in loving memory of my grandmother. I was raised miles away from her in another state, but the same warmth and beauty that surrounded my father as he grew up was felt the first time I entered her house. Multi-colored quilts, embroidered linens, and crochet-edged pillowcases adorned every room. I believe my love of needlework began the moment I stepped within these walls and saw these beautiful ‘labors of love’. While stitching Petites Lettres Rouges, I added the motif of the crown over the heart which symbolizes love – her love (and mine) of needle and thread. This love of handwork now encompasses another generation since my daughter has found the great satisfaction of creating with her hands through knitting and quilting.

I used 32 count off-white linen, DMC cotton floss (814, 815, 498) & Gentle Art Sampler Threads (Onyx)."

Terry Nixon writes:

"I've carried mine around since you first posted the design - working on it whenever
I had a free minute or two. but am still not quite finished...Want to put a heart and a blackbird - probably "over one" - in the spaces on the third line, and plan to put a row of feather stitching all the way around between the edge of the sampler and finish with hemstitching."

Loraine Jezak writes:

"I loved the way the first entry put her Grandmother's name on hers, and after much debate, I followed suit. My Grandmother was quite an inspiration to me. She was an art teacher, and taught me much about color and design. She was a perfect homemaker, and loving wife. I admired her so much. I miss her terribly, as she just passed away in January. I put a little blue in this piece, because it was her favorite color. She had blue everywhere in her house! She even had a blue Christmas tree! Ethna Marie Webb Larson, was the name she went by, but when she filed for Social Security in her 60's, she was shocked to discover that her name was different on her birth certificate. Apparently they named her (I believe Katharine), but her dad started calling her Ethna, and that's what it remained throughout her life."

Enjoy this long weekend holiday!


  1. I never get tired of seeing all of the lovely interpretations of this sampler.

    for Terry you have a blog or online photo album? I love how you finished your sampler!

  2. Mine is here :
    It was so great stitching this sampler ..thanks a lot !

  3. What lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing.


  4. The porch looks like the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon nap!

    I always enjoy seeing new photos of Petites Lettres Rouge. These are so beautiful, and the sentiments are just lovely.

  5. Oh your porch looks so lovely in that shot! How heavenly! Love that quilt too! It's fun seeing so many of your Petite Lettres Rouges pictures.

  6. Hi Alma and Barb,
    I'm honored to have my sampler on your blog! Thanks for continuing to post them. The stories are so inspiring, (not really mine, but everyone else's that I read!) LOL. I am amazed by how different the samplers all turned out.
    Good luck with your spring cleaning adventure. The picture with the bed looks like heaven for an afternoon snooze! I'm needing one about now!

  7. Bonjour Alma

    Your porch with the bed and quilt is just WONDERFUL !! Seems to be a quiet place :))
    Hugs from sunny and hot Paris.

  8. It is always so heartwarming to hear the stories behind the samplers. So sweet ~ ~ thanks for sharing them - Melody

  9. Lovely porch Alma! I'm ready for a nap there! Love all the variations and the inspiration behind them!

  10. Sorry..the variations and inspirations behind the samplers...:)

  11. I have now made my Petites Lettres Rouges into a needlebook and posted it on my blog here. I loved stitching this sampler.
    I am now looking forward to stitching the Paris sampler.
    Its great seeing all the Petites Lettres Rouges samplers and reading the stories behind them.

  12. Such memories and very nice to dedicate their samplers.

  13. What a dreamy looking porch that you have on this picture with the bed and gorgeous quilt shown in it :)

    Lovely pictures and stories of PLR

  14. Your samplers are just beautiful. The post about your grandmother was so sweet, it reminded me so much of my grandmother. Thank you for stopping by my blog as it gave me a chance to visit yours.

  15. hi!thank you for your free sampler!I stitched them for american-friends,and I wont to envoy the picture to you.How?

  16. Hi Martine,

    We would love to see....send the picture to

    thank you!


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