Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time to view more of your work! I want to post all of the samplers that were sent in for our first contest. I will continue to post these. Barb wants to see them too as all the pictures are stored on my computer and she hasn't had a chance to see them yet! So dear friends and they are!

Judit Posch from Hungary sent the above picture of her two samplers. She writes:

"The first (red) sampler I've made on 28 ct linen Zweigart with a Hungarian floss: Venus. I've made it for my daughter with her name.

The linen of the other sampler is a gift from Canada: 27 ct hand dyed linen. I've worked on this with Six Strand Sweets flosses. This contains my name."
(Don't you just love the pink linen? I know I do!)

Lily Kidwell sent in the above sampler. She has a blog also...but I don't have her site. Lily please post your site in the comments section. I know it's wonderful. She writes:

"Stitching this little sampler has brought to mind so many happy childhood memories. My stitched piece is resting on a tablecloth I stitched at age 12 (62 years ago) for Easter. It was part of my elementary school curriculum taught by French/Armenian nuns.
I also must mention that the two tiny little pixos flowers were made by my 6 yr old granddaughter and presented to me the other day as a gift!
My piece was stitched on 28 count evenweave over one which I prefer more than linen for over one stitching as the threads are rounded and even. I used DMC 3347, 3328, 3712 because I want to incorporate the finishing with some Beach House Moda fabric."

Dolores sent in the picture above and she writes:
"This is my version of your wonderful little sampler.I used Attic Tea Belle Soie for the main part and Crescent Black Coffee for the black.

Instead of stitching this in memory of someone or a family member I decided to do this for my other family members,my Great Danes. Each initial in black is either for one I have now or for one I have lost. I currently have 4 Danes, which was hard for me to choose which ones name to use. I chose Tucker (his full name is Tucker Danes White Lightning) because he is a special boy. He just turned 2 and he was born deaf. I knew this when I bought him as a baby, it did not stop me from wanting him. He does know sign language and he is so very sweet. I am such a proud mother and he does wonderfully. I also have a little girl who is almost 2 and she is also deaf. I did not buy her as a baby, I've only had her about 7 months and she wants no part of sign language. Both of my deaf ones do really well and they are good at watching my other Great Danes. Anyway this is my story on why I chose to do my piece different."

Natasha sent the above picture in of her sampler. She writes:

"I used my married name and the year that I got married. I used a 25ct piece of fabric that I dyed myself with coffee and vanilla it was then baked in the oven, it smelled like coffee cake. ( LOL) Made me hungry every time I stitched on it. I used silk floss from Vicky Clayton HDF names are unknown, they were all a mystery."

Natasha could you let us know about the you use it to add color? How do you mix it up in the coffee solution? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Amy Frazier's sampler is pictured above and she writes:

"I know I am too late for the drawing, but I wanted you to see my sampler. Thank you for such a fun Sampler to stitch! I've enjoyed looking at all the beautiful samplers that the stitchers have done and I am hoping that you will put all the samplers that were entered on your site! Happy stitching!!" (By the way....Amy was entered into the could we leave her out? Barb and I bend the rules all the time.)

We will do this again and again....but for now I must close! I'm off to the warehouse to get some work done.
Until later!



  1. What a nice variety of samplers! That bird on the last one is very impressive! Love all the colors used too.

  2. All of these are so pretty! It's fun to see so many different interpretations of the same design. I love the pink linen too!

  3. Each and every one of these tiny samplers are gorgeous and it's lovely to read the stories behind them!

  4. I would like to send the pouch/envelope i stitched for my friends' birthday, but i do not know where , to which e-mail adress to send it
    Help : )
    Bill from Southestern France

  5. hi Alma--what pretty pictures and they all did such beautiful work and the stories are great too--somehow I missed this challenge--and I love ABC sampler's for cross stitch--guess I better start reading these blog sites in stead of "sleeping" through them!!!! By the way I would like to know about the coffee/vanilla dye too!! hugs, just, Di

  6. I love all the stories on the samplers! I love to cross-stitch and these are all such an inspiration. I have yet to stitch my sampler, but I am not in "stitching mode". I am in quilting mode.
    Have a great day.

  7. "Natasha could you let us know about the you use it to add color? How do you mix it up in the coffee solution? Inquiring minds want to know!!"

    the coffee dyed fabric directions came from Vonna here is a link I just added some vanilla for alittle more contrast plus it smelled really good with the coffe. It really was alot of fun each piece always come out differnt depending on how long you bake it for. Give it a try next time :)

    Take Care

  8. i like the green and grey one the best but they are all precious!

  9. Dear Alma, thanks for sharing my works on your blog, it's a big honour for me, really!
    I would be happy if you have more games: same pattern stitch at the same time and in different ways! - it was really funny!

  10. All pieces are wonderful! Thank you for continue showing us all of this beautiful sampler :)

  11. All of these little samplers are just wonderful looking! This is one of my favorite blogs now and I check in almost every day to see what's new!

  12. They are all beautiful! Wonderful story about the Danes :) Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you Natasha...the instructions were great. I like your idea of vanilla. I bet it does add a great color. Will have to try this!

  14. Bill et Marie

    You can reach me at

    Looking forward to seeing your envelope!

  15. I am such a VERY SLOW stitcher! I have this pattern, the linen and the floss all laid out just waiting for me to begin. I hope I can still post it here when I'm finished. I plan on dedicating it to my Grandmother.

  16. these look fabulous..unfortunately due to the amount of work i as an essaygrader have cannot do something similar - just have no time for it - but once i finish everything up, gonna start on my new stitching project


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