And the Winners Are!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

We have winners! I used the random generator on the web to come up with these numbers. And then I had to count your responses to find the right person. I need to figure out how to number your comments. It would make it a lot more accurate and easy. I'm still on the learning curve when it comes to blogging. If you find a mistake...let me know.

#5 Tracy (in Stephens City, VA)

#122 Denise

#76 Nancy in Wisconsin

#19 Beeinstitches

#214 Peg in Ozark, Mo

I loved reading your comments...It's my favorite part of my day! I've decided to add some extra winners. Just because after reading these....I have to. You will understand why as you read some of these comments.

Sharon Stewart, I'm sending you a bag to celebrate your anniversary....after 33 years you deserve this token of honor! Hope you had a great one!

Susan said...
The one who dies with the most scissors “cuts” to the front of the line! I think we better give her a bag to contain her scissors!!! Don't you?

Mountain Gate said...
"I had the same problem, so I started wrapping a pair of scissors around my neck on a piece of elastic...but was constantly in fear that I would puncture my belly button." Honey, you are a health risk and must have a bag just to protect yourself! I know each reader agrees with me on this point!

Jeannette said...
I have a feeling that I will misplace the bag as well, please count me in. I'm sending you one too you are my kind of gal!

Alice said...
Related to looking for things, my Grandmother always believed in the hereafter...she would go in a room looking for something and forget what it was she was looking for... always wondering what am I here after. Your Grandmother and I are one in spirit. said...
I keep a small book of sayings and words of wisdom I’ve gathered here and there, and will share one that might give you a giggle - “dijon-vu” the feeling that you’ve tasted this mustard before...
This will be my new favorite saying!

Blogger Ann said...
My mother taught us to needlepoint at a young age. We were swimmers, so at every swimming meet she would tie her scissors to the leg of her lawn chair--it helped her to keep up with her scissors, and her children (who always needed to come back to get a piece of yarn cut)!
I have those same scissors today, they are too dull for me to use, but I treasure them anyway. They are tied to the leg of my stitching chair--both in memory of their former life, and so that I can’t lose them! Love the way you celebrate your mother's memory!

And finally....
Cindi said...
Thanks for sharing your extra scissor bags. I hope you can find them when it’s time to mail them out!! Oh you know me all too well! I just ran downstairs to make sure they were right where I left them....was able to find them thankfully.

I wish I could send out scissor bags to all of you.....but never fear...I have more good stuff to give away.

Winners....send your address to




  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners! A gorgeous flower you have shared!

  2. Also sending my congratulations to the lucky ones and I love the have the best blog on the block!! Look forward to more fun!

  3. "cuts" to the front of the line. That is great. Sounds like you picked some good winners as well as a few lucky ones. CJ ok;-)

  4. Congrats to the winners, but what I want to know is, what is that lovely delicate flower in the photo today?

  5. Alma, thanks for the laugh! You are darling.

    Congratulations to the winners.

  6. I love the comments. They are all so great and have a lot of worthy thoughts. Thanks for a great site. Hugs, Jane

  7. Oh, thanks for sharing those extra winners' comments with us! I loved reading them!

  8. Thanks for sharing all the comments. It was a fun read. Thanks, too, for picking my number!!
    Nancy in WI

  9. Hi Melissa,

    This flower was a gift from my Grandmother.I'm shocked when I think about how long I've had some of these flowers. I bet I've had these for 25 years. Grandmother called them Candy Lilies.

    The leaves look a bit like an iris. It is beginning to bloom now. Isn't it sweet? You can purchase some of the seeds in the spring and just toss them into your flower bed. Then by mid- summer you will have lots of these blooms. My Grandmother gave me one and they have certainly multiplied...they reseed themselves.


  10. Congratulations to all the lucky winners...hugs, Linda

  11. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Alma, you are very generous :-)

  12. Congrats to the lucky winners! I love the Candy Lily. I have a granddaughter named Lily who loves candy and she would get a kick out of seeing a Candy Lily in my garden. I will look for seeds for it. Thanks for all you do and God Bless!

  13. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  14. congrats..btw..are you holding similar context anywhen soon??recently took part in ultius essay writing contest..didn't win anything but just enjoyed the actual event and wold love to take part in some other contests..thought yours may be it


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