Cake Plates

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No quilting or sewing for this project, just shopping and gluing to get these done. Some days don’t you feel like working on something easy and cute?

Barb has introduced me to Estate sales. This is probably the worst thing she has done to me! Now, I find silver trays, old linens and dishes at very affordable prices. (This has almost brought my husband to tears...and I don’t think they are tears of joy.)

I used a dish from a collection of my Great Grandmother’s dishes. The set is incomplete and has been sitting in a cabinet for 20 years. I found a candlestick at a craft store and flipped it upside down for the base of the plate. A bit of glue and now both have a new life. I know my Great Grandmother would approve and would probably want one for herself too.

At Estate sales I look for a single dishes, sherbet glasses, glass candlesticks...or anything that might work for this type of project and look cute. Votive holders can work great too. When looking at glass pieces, don’t forget to flip them over and take a look at them upside down. A couple of the votives I purchases were crooked. So make sure the ones you purchase aren’t crooked. Now, get busy and have fun!

Supply List

* Plates, small or medium look best for cupcakes
* Glass base (votive, candlestick, or sherbet glass)
* 527 Beacon Multi-use glue (or any glue that works on glass and china)


* Clean and dry the plate and glass base.
* Flip the plate upside down and position on a table where it can dry undisturbed for 24 hours.
* Apply glue around the perimeter of the glass base and center it on the bottom of the plate.
* Let it dry for 24 hours. It is usually dry in 4 hours, but the longer it dries the better.
* Wash by hand only.
* Make one for all your friends! (They are best if given with cupcakes or muffins.)

Until later dear friends!



  1. LOve them!!! Antique I come!

  2. Oh my....that's just a wonderful idea :)

  3. You're so creative! It's a good thing I don't know about estate sales around here. :D

  4. Any particular glue preference? They are super sweet!

  5. Dear Alma,
    You always come up with the most lovely ideas. I don't have a blog site but I do visit yours quite often. I love Blackbird Designs. I do have a question for you. I have been driving myself to distraction over three cross stitch designs by Corinne Rigaudeau. She designs patterns for Tralala. I cannot speak French and can only read a little. I know that you've made several trips to France and I was wondering if there is someway you could help me obtain these charts.If there is someway you could connect me with someone who speaks English I would be forever grateful.I am interested in:Poupees Russes - Russian Dolls, Garland of Hens and Bienvenue Dans Mon Poulailler. I f you can't help me I'll understand.
    Thank You!
    Sandra Rosga

  6. Estate sales are one of my very favorite things! I'm hoping to get to one this weekend. Aren't you glad you have discovered these? You can find some wonderful treasures.

    Your idea is so clever and so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Hi Sandra,

    I hadn't heard of this designer until you wrote. I googled her name and found she has a blog too!

    After checking her blog I saw...yes she does have great designs! You might write to her in her comments section and see what she has to say.
    You might take a look at this site.
    Bénédicte Dubreuille is the owner and she writes to me often to order books...Her e-mail is
    and the good news is she also speaks English and I know she will help you!


  8. I love your idea- an easy way to turn odds and ends into something new, pretty and usable.

    I have a collection of cake stands but usually keep them at home. When I send a cake away- it goes on a 15" glass plate designed for baking pizza in the oven. I love to bake and decorate cakes and having something pretty to display it on is the last touch.

  9. What a fun project. While living in England I went to lots of auctions and "boot sales" (in America a Flea Market) and drove my husband crazy picking up bits of china and "pretties."

  10. These are a wonderful...I especially like the two tiered one and using sherbert glasses and maybe even a sundae glass. Thank you for sharing...hugs, Linda

  11. These are too awesome - love it - now need to search for some plates that work perfectly on all the glass candle holders and sundae glasses I have collected!!!

  12. My aunt made my mom and I the most beautiful stands like these from dishes she found at the thrift store. I have mine in my sewing room with a pillar candle on it. It's so pretty and such a good way to use mismatched dishes.


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