April Showers

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've been doing some photography today for our new April Showers Stocking pattern. Barb has completed the three stockings for this pattern and are they sweet!Here is a quick peek at one of the stockings. I'm always trying to figure out how to photograph our products to give them an inviting look. For this picture I cut a branch from my pear tree, then added a bit of foam to stabilize the branch. Finally I filled this vase with small navy beans to cover the foam and add a bit of texture. The branch doesn't last very long though. The flowers fade by the next day. Maybe a bit of water would help....of course then the navy beans will begin to sprout. I don't think that would be a good look. Maybe an artificial branch would be the best. Some of them look very real....but for this quick photo the real branch worked great.

Here's a peek at our new fabric line Beach House:
We are working on a book using this fabric. Release date in May.

What I'm collecting: Vintage Shot glasses ...they aren't very expensive and very easy to find.
These make the sweetest vases. I've given the link to e-bay...but save yourself and don't go there!!!!

What I'm reading: Replay by Ken Grimwood ...It's about living life over and over. Almost like the movie Groundhog Day. (Which I've seen about a million times. Great movie to watch while I sew. I've seen it so many times I can just listen and stitch.) Until next time....Happy Stitching!


  1. Alma - so excited you have a blog now. I'll be following!! Love the stockings. I have the first three patterns but haven't started yet. I do have a big fat honey bun of the Beach House fabric and I'm going to make some small purses. I'll post them on my blog. I'm going to Utah the end of the month to visit family. I'll be taking along the 2008 Loose Feather series and Mystery Sampler to Jill Rensel for framing. I'll post those too when they are framed. Happy stitching !!! Cari in Florida

  2. what a great pleasure discover your blog.
    your style is unique and I'm totally in love with what you create.
    needless to say that April stocking is truly amazing.
    .....waiting for the new update...
    Angela in Italy

  3. Alma, What a wonderful visual treat. I agree with everything Angela from Italy said. I am so proud of you..

  4. Alma, your blog is wonderful!!! Thank you, Lissa for letting us know. Take care.

  5. Welcome to blogging! Great to see you here.

    By the way, LOVED the Beach House line, absolutely beautiful!

  6. Alma-
    Welcome, welcome my Blackbird friend! We have all been waiting for you to join us for sooo long now! Your shots are beautiful and I love the idea of vintage shot glasses... you might just have created a competitor on ebay. I have many little vases and my Ella is constantly bringing in tiny blooms that don't quite fit anything traditional but your shot glasses would be just the most perfect thing!

    Welcome, welcome again. I am adding you to my MODA friends on my blogroll tonite!

    love, Joanna

  7. Hi Alma, what e great surprise from you!
    Your blog is terrific and it's so nice to meet you in this way. Can hardly wait to stitch your newest stockings.
    Love Niky.

  8. Alma, I'm so glad to see you blogging! I have a fat 1/4 bundle of Harvest Home and just received a Jelly Roll of Beach House. I can't wait to see the new book for Beach House!

    Chelle (from Legacy)

  9. Ahhh...this will be so much fun ...so welcome to the blogging world!!!
    I just love your projects and what you just showed... wonderful..:o)

  10. YIPPIE, you have a blog!
    Thank you for all the beatifull designs!

  11. *Ü* I guess I was a bit to excited? *Ü*

    ...I love your...beautyful designs! ♥

    (...and English isn't my native language *Ü)

  12. My favorite cross stitch shop calls me when she gets your newest designs in. I don't walk, I RUN when she calls me. LOVE the little stockings and I have also been working on the buttons and pins items. I like learning new stitches and combining them in the projects.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us.

  13. Dear Barb how do i send you a picture of the little sampler?
    I find no emailadress from you.
    Truus de Wild


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