Day Three

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Idea: Spend time laughing with a friend. Many of my most stressful times were made easier by spending time talking and laughing with a friend. Mary would probably say she spent the afternoon working....but still we know how to have fun together. The cookies last a long time and get better with age. Just like our friendship.

Mary and I have been friends for over 30 years. We went to nursing school together. (That was truly a bonding experience!) Mary continues in the Nursing profession, while I retired from mine. (Although, I do miss Labor and Delivery. My job was a pleasure. Always interesting and fun to see the new ones and be a part of the joy.)

Mary brought her tree mold. These molds are all from House on the Hill. Check out their web-site for molds and other information about these wonderful cookies.

The Santa above was a favorite of ours this year as well as the deer below.

A cellophane bag and a bit of ribbon are the perfect finish.

Barb's Idea: Meet for a glass of wine. Much more relaxing and less work!

You have to check out Barb and Mary's blog. You won't want to miss their fun day!

And stockings from Nina. Click on her name for her blog.
She writes, "Both are on 32ct linen (left: Belfast, right: Lambswool), stitched 1 over 1,
right: Victoria Clayton silks, left: sampler threads (gentle art, weeks dye works, crescent colours)

So sweet! Thank you Nina

One more link....7 Gypsies site. Click on the name to go to their pressure to make any of this stuff....just look at it and enjoy! That's what I'm doing.

Until tomorrow!



  1. I have the feeling Barb goes for easy. lol! I do too, I confess. Although I'd love to make Springerle cookies. First I need to save up for those cookie molds. I've had the site bookmarked forever!

  2. Those cookies are works of art. How could you even eat one?

    Love the stockings. I printed out that Eiffel Tower pattern ages ago and I really want to make something with it... the stockings may have provided the inspiration I need.

    I'm really enjoying your 'tips'!

  3. Your cookies are lovely. I've always wanted to make Springerle cookies- maybe later this winter. I have a roller pin with designs for making them but I think that maybe, the molds are easier. I'll find out.

  4. Did you use one of the recipes on the website where the cookie molds are found? Or do you have your own favorite recipe? Do you glaze them at all? They FABULOUS!!

  5. Hi, I have got cookie moulds, one is carved wood and the other is pottery, I have not had much success with the images turning out on my shortbread, how hard should I press on the mould and how can I stop it sticking.

    your cookies are fabulous, I wish I was such a good cook.


  6. I love the reindeer cookie. I lived in Switzerland from 1974 to 1978 and Springerle were some of my very favorite things. Aren't the molds gorgeous?
    There is a woman here in Santa Fe who makes wonderful ornaments out of paper using those molds - very clever, I think, and beautiful.

    Loved reading about your day - thanks!

  7. Those molded cookies are wonderful, they would make great ornament molds too.

    Always fun to share christmas crafting and baking with a friend.


  8. Thanks for posting a link, doing the hat boxes was really fun.
    The molded cookies are lovely, just beautiful.

  9. What joyful eye candy - I have all the links marked out so I can look to my heart's content today in etween stints of quiltmaking. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

  10. What fun to see your springerle cookies and I'm so grateful you cited the website. Looks like there's shopping in my future.

    And thanks so much for the tips. Makes me feel calmer just reading them!

  11. I just ordered my first mold.

    Thank you for the information
    I am looking forward to making these cookies as gifts.

    You share the nicest things.

  12. Those cookies look too pretty to eat! They are exquisite! Love the little stockings too! oh my I just wish I had more time the last quarter of the year!

    Tedra, Phoenix, AZ

  13. Wow!!! I have never seen cookies like those! Thank you for the link. I could spend hours on the House on the Hill site!

  14. What beautiful molds and cookies! Thanks for the links!

  15. delicious. what kind of dough have you made? am thinking of making similar biscuit thank-you cards for my essay writing experts but not quite sure what kind of dough would be best? would love to hear your thoughts. thanks in advance


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