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Monday, December 21, 2009

Today remember those less fortunate. I know the economy is bad for most of us. But think how a small amount of money given by a large group of people can add up to a lot. If we all pledge to donate all the change in our wallets to the Salvation Army today, it could really make a difference. They are having a hard time making their goals this year. It will be hard to think of children without even a good meal on Christmas. I know you've probably already sent checks to several charities.

I always try to send money to the homeless shelters. My oldest son has a mental illness. I look around and see many of the long term homeless are victims of mental illness. I send money to the shelters so there will at least be a meal for them during the holidays.

I also send money to the Smile Train. This charity helps children with cleft pallets get the surgical repair they need. One thing we want is for children to be able to smile with joy. The surgical repair only takes 45 minutes and can really make a difference in a child's life.

I send a check every year to the Salvation Army. I like all the programs they sponsor.

I think some of my favorite gifts were for children and families I didn't know and would never meet.

Today just give a bit of extra change. I guarantee that you will feel much joy. If we all gave even a quarter it would soon add up to dollars.

Until tomorrow.



  1. Hi Barb and Alma! Just wanted to stop in and see how you were and to wish you and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS;)

  2. You are so right, Alma! The best gift is in the giving and there are way too many less fortunate who deserve much more. Our family always gives to Toys for Tots, The Salvation Army and our local food pantry. In addition, I bake many dozens of Christmas cookies each year to give to family and neighbors. On the way to our Christmas Eve festivities, we deliver a tray of cookies to both our local police and fire departments, for the men and women who are serving and are away from their families, to enjoy, along with a note of thanks for all they do.

  3. Very true. Every time we've been to the mall this season, we've been stuffing money into the Salvation Army's pot and the toy drive's bottle. I think it's adding up! lol! Have a great holiday!

  4. Thank you for this post. . . for me. . . THIS is what Christmas is all about.. . & it's how we can "carry Christmas in our hearts" all year through too!
    I wish for you & Barb a very special & wonderful Christmas.
    xo, Bren

  5. I am so glad you brought up the topic of giving! I give to specific charities as they touch me or someone I know.

  6. So true, Alma! I love the Salvation Army and everything they do! I did not know about the Smile Train, but will check into it.
    I'd also like to add, please don't forget about the animals. Many shelters are having a hard time right now, as people are giving up their animals, as they can't afford to care for them, and yet donations are down as well. Animals, like children, rely on others for their good care.
    Hugs to you....

  7. Thanks for the reminder, Alma.

    May you and yours have the Happiest of Holidays.

  8. On my blog in May I shared how I was upset that I didn't have any change to give to the veterans who were collecting. My comments was similar to yours that if everyone just gave a little, it would add up big. You have a huge audience of readers; I hope they take your advice.

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for the fun reading your blog. Best wishes for the new year, too!

  9. Very true, Alma. I try to do the same every year and also give to veterans shelters.

    Kathy in MA

  10. Alma, one of our family's traditions is to keep a supply of dollar bills in our wallets during the Christmas season. Every time we pass a kettle, at least one dollar goes in. If we pass the same ringer on the way in and on the way out of a store, we contribute each time. Our daughter, now eleven, knows why we do it - if we're fortunate enough to be able to go shopping for whatever items we need or want, we've got a responsibility to help those who cannot.

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  11. It is great to see so many people caring about others. I also keep a stack of ones in my purse and give to every SA kettle I pass. I also donate to food drives. It just makes me feel better that I can help a little. Merry Christmas everyone. Sandi

  12. Alma,
    It is good to remember others during the season. My BIL is in a VA hospital and I am thinking it would be good to bring some extra things when we go to visit.


  13. we have angel trees all over our town. you pick an angel card off the tree and buy what the child on the card says they wish for or need. i do this every year and love it. i love buying clothes for little ones and a surprise toy or two. simple way to give and it also gives a ton to me. what is christmas without giving to those we do no know and those who need.

  14. and lets not forget the animal shelters. they are always in dire need, most especially during the colder months.
    merry christmas!
    julie :)

  15. Well said! I posted similar sentiments on my blog yesterday. We must remember that we are the stewards of this world's riches, which includes all life but especially human life. I have been heavily involved for several years now in, which is a lending organization for small business people in developing areas - your funds either return to you after use or can revolve indefinitely - your choice. As a small business person who struggled to get established, this programme makes sense to me.
    Best wishes to you and yours.

  16. wonderful reminder Alma about continuing to support your local shelters and food banks - we always give to both. Now more than ever these organizations need support. I have enjoyed your daily posts on how to handle the holidays - always inspiring - Peace to you melody

  17. It's so nice to hear about people who still give, dispite the economy. I do a Christmas program to help unwed teens from highly disfunctional families-20 of them are in a special program for a year. They finish high school or get their GED, find an apartment and a job and learn parenting skills. My law firm gets gifts for the Moms each year and even with all the layoffs, we have 3 cards full of stuff to bring!
    Barb and Alma - have a wonderful Christmas!

  18. Thanks for the reminder, we get so busy - that we often forget to take time for the less fortunate. As you know Semper Fi is our charity of heart and I work for them any moment I can spare and am pleased we have been able to help out. Secondly, we must remember our Humane Society - they also totally work on donations and do so much.
    When we were young we did not put much stock in "better to give than receive" but amazing what age can do for you.
    Have a wonderful holiday

  19. Remembering others ...... so important.
    I am writing a Christmas story on my log (blog),
    but it is in Dutch,
    and it has a lot to do with "the title" of your blog.
    And when I saw the Santa mold you showed some blogs earlier .......
    I really thought ....... it looks like ...... well better read my story :-)).

  20. Merry Christmas BArb and Alma! I see your 12 days got a little behind...we are almost there. Christmas Eve has always been special to me as it is our day to go to church and remember the reason for the season. Then we celebrate our family Christmas on Christmas DAy at home. Enjoyed your "new look at the holidays" blogging. pam

  21. Merry Christmas Alma. Hope you have a great holiday with your family.

  22. Laurie Simpson said no one said it better... and boy is she right! Beautiful post!

  23. Amen, giving is what Christmas is all about. I give to the Salvation Army as well and a few other projrams. Happy Holidays to you and I look forward to making new projects with your wonderful fabric line...........XO Mary (JMPPASTIMES)

  24. What a good post. Yes, the "bell ringers" give of their time and their cause is a worthy one. Regardless of what group you choos,e just choose one. And try to remember them throughout the year as well. Our food banks were full, all three in the area, yet a few months ago, the shelves were empty. People need to eat in March too! Thanks for putting the word out.

  25. Hello!
    We LOVE your blog and have added it to our Blog favorites and linked up. We sell a lot of your fabric too! Say, did you do any pattern featuring Old Primrose Inn fabric? Your pictures are gorgeous and inspiring! Happy New Year and cheery wave from Bev

  26. You are so right, and every year I give whatever I can to the Salvation Army at the malls, I can remember getting toys from them one Christmas when my father was out of work. They do such good works.

  27. Hi Alma! Check out Laurie's post! How true, how true!


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