New Summer Releases

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

     The pattern pictured below was released last month. I didn't get a chance to post it earlier. This design was done by Barb and I love her sense of humor. The cat and birds seem to be very friendly! Corey my new dog, says we need to design one with a dog now. He's assured me, he loves birds! (Maybe for dinner.)

All the Hills Echoed, number #4 should be in your local shop now.
     I know we haven't exactly keep to the every month scheme ....but summer happens! My vegetable garden has been calling to me this year. I've grown about a thousand Roma tomatoes and been making and freezing tomato soup and other "all things tomato." My freezer is almost full. I also took a week off to ride my bike along the Katy Trail in Missouri. My friend Becky volunteered to go with me but in truth, I rode mostly about 1/4 mile behind her the whole way. She is in better shape than me. We rode a bit over 200 miles. I'm ready to go again if you can believe it! If you want to go just let me know. 
     Barb and I have been teaching more this year too. We love traveling and seeing all of you!
     And, to top everything off, my daughter Laura is getting married in Denver! I haven't had to do much as she and Tyson have planned everything. We just send checks! October 7th is their much fun coming up!

     The pattern below is the newest one in our Christmas Series. It is adapted from an antique piece that captured my eye. The large floral border is my favorite part. This was such an easy stitch. This one will be in shops very soon.

     Here's a picture of M. Bowker's antique piece. Her sampler is joyous!

     I have to share two photos from my bike ride too. Becky is posing in front of this enormous rock. She's looking really glad to have biked so far! After taking her picture, I was going to do the same pose. Then, I noticed something under the stone's ledge. (Look just behind Becky's right foot.)


     I'm fairly brave....but not two copperheads brave. (See the smaller snake on the right too?) I think the small toad on the far left saved her life. Wonder how many of those were under the ledge. I'm thinking there were more than those 1
two. Becky swears she checked under the stone for snakes before standing there. 

Hope you have all had a lovely summer and got to see the fabulous eclipse on Monday!

Until later,


  1. Glad Becky wasn't bitten! What lovely new releases!

  2. Wonderful designs! Poor Becky, that's just horrifying!

  3. Beautiful new designs! Love them all! Hate those copperheads! I would've been outta there in a flash! Glad your friend was okay.

  4. Seeing those snakes has changed my mind about wanting to do a bike ride! Copperheads are deadly!!!

  5. Can't wait for these to come to England, I especially love Christmas designs. x

  6. My last encounter with a copperhead was sitting on my mother's lawn mower in the barn about a month ago. It slithered from underneath the mowing deck and into some PVC pipe about a foot away. Imagine my trepidation when I realized I forgot the key and would have to leave and come back. 😳 My love for my mother was tested and proven that day.

  7. Gorgeous new designs loving them all need faster needles to keep up 😘

  8. Love your new designs! That Christmas one is a must for me! I love all of them! Summer is winding down! It is my favorite season so hope we have a long fall. Midwest winters can provide many great in house stitching days tho! Hope to see you soon!

  9. Oh my gosh!!! I was so enthralled with your new designs then I saw the COPPERHEAD!! (Holy s---!!) So glad you girls are alright!!

  10. Hi, I can't find an email address for Blackbird Designs and so am writing here. I recently bought a quilt kit at an estate sale, a fellow quilter had passed away and the family was blessing us with the chance to purchase her treasures. I found Little Ben's Quilt kit and fell in love with the fabric. I snatched it up without going thru it.....and it's missing it's pattern and instructions. I would like to purchase those if possible. Please email me if you can. Thanks so much.
    Terri Adkins

  11. Love the new Christmas design!
    I have a question. Where do you get Rit dye? I need it for the Dveing to Stitch Needlebook that you designed.

    1. Hi Diana,

      We get it at Walmart in the laundry supply area.
      Hope you can find it!

  12. Hello, I just finished this summer my version of the "Trick and Treat" quilt from your book "Where the cold wind blows" and just want to share the achievement of it.
    It took me 5 years to piece and quilt all by hand, but I really enjoyed the process. This quilt is for my daughter and called "shopping queen". I changed a bit the outlay and the border, but kept the little baskets as they were, except on some background pieces made of little 4 patches, where I left the little window out.
    You will find most of the pictures on my blog here : (I live and work in France). Hope you like it.
    Best regards


    1. Thank you for letting me know about your quilt Jeanine. Went to your site and love everything about your quilt. Your fabric choices are wonderful. Congratulations on your finish!

  13. Beautiful new designs! Love them all! Hate those copperheads! I would've been outta there in a flash! Glad your friend was okay.


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  25. all designs are amazing. But i like al the hill Echoed most


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