The Light Upon the Lawn

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Light Upon the Lawn is our newest Loose Feathers pattern. (Second in the series) It's on its way to the printer today, and shipping out to the distributors in a weeks time. The floss colors are the same as last month's palette, and I think one set of floss should be enough to do two of these small samplers.

     The title of this pattern is inspired by Emily Dickenson’s poem, ‘A Light Exists in Spring’. In the poem she speaks of the light in spring being colored differently than the rest of the year. I loved the idea of spring light awaiting on the lawn ... ready for us to come outside and view the landscape. You can read her poem here.
     Last weekend Barb and I traveled north for Stitchville USA's retreat in Minnesota. We had a lovey time! Great women, venue and food! Can't beat that combination! This trip really got me thinking about spring.
      After we had driven about 250 miles north, I noticed the landscape had changed. No trees were in bloom and no buds on the trees. I told Barb we could experience about 6 springs a year. Start in the south and slowly travel north over a period of 10 weeks. Might be the perfect bike trip. I digress here....anyway someone from the retreat asked me how we come up with some of the pattern titles. It got me thinking that Barb and I should share how we name our patterns.

     I had to wake Corey up for this picture. After our morning walk, he has been sleeping by my chair helping me work. Well....he's not really helping .....he's just lovely companionship. Look at those droopy eyes! Not to worry about any lack of sleep on his part...he's already snoring again.

Until later!



  1. Alma and Barb, in 1999 we adopted a sweet six month old kitten and named him Felix. He has traveled with us to Europe and the West Coast, and back to the East, my steady 'helper' when I sat and enjoyed stitching one of your lovely patterns. No matter where we were Blackbird Designs and Felix were always there. My sweet boy left us last month and I'm still sad but the memories of our time together will carry me along to enjoy many more of your great designs, hopefully.

    1. Hi Angie,
      I'm so sorry for your loss. Felix sounds like a wonderful companion. I know you miss him when stitching. He was over 18 years old! He "helped" with your floss for a long time.

  2. Another lovely design in Spring spirit...will look forward to stitching it as I just completed the last so pretty! What a lovely boy Corey is such great companions they make wouldn't be without one! Blessings to you both...

  3. Hi Alma and Barb, I just love what you do and want to hear more of it! How about some new quiltbooks? They will be jumping up and down here for you!!!

  4. Un precioso bordado!!! El perrito es un amor.

  5. Another beautiful stitch! I'm still working on last year's Garden Series... and hope to get going on this year's Loose Feathers. I mean... who doesn't love houses and gardens, right? :-)
    Cory looks so sweet...enjoy your days...and thank you for keeping in touch with us blogging peeps! We're always interested in what's in the works with you and Barb! Looking forward to your new book too! :-)

  6. Lovely post this morning...and soothing. I'm not really a poem person but took the time to go read her full text. Loved it...and love the new design. And Corey...he is just lovely too. Enjoy your day Alma...and thank you!

  7. Another lovely pattern. Cannot wait to start this one. Our newly adopted year old black lap would love to play with your Corey. Her name is Shadow and she is truly my shadow. I'm stitching one of your old OOP charts now - Sunflower Charms. It's hard to know what to stitch next with all of the beautiful patterns you gals give us.

  8. Corey, your dog reminds me of Petey, the dog from Little Rascals.

  9. Love your new "Loose Feathers" designs! I keep buying the linen and floss, but can't seem to find anyone that sells extra time to stitch!!! :-) :-) :-) Same with your gorgeous quilt patterns and fabrics. Thank goodness you don't design for knitting, beading, and tatting, I'd definitely would be declaring bankruptcy and have to buy the house next door to store everything in! LOL!