No Flutes Here!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Turns out, Fairy Gingerbread doesn't want to be fluted, scalloped or cut out with cookie cutters. It was very resistant in fact! The edges just crumbled. The cookies pictured above are not what I imagined. Just not jumping-up-and-down cute are they?

I was kicking myself all day yesterday!!!! Why did I go on about scalloped and fluted edges in my last blog post? Save yourself....go visit another blog where people are normal and sane.

Turns out, cutting them straight is the way to go. Use a pizza cutter.....or your rotary cutter and a ruler to get them all the same size. Go visit Pie O My. She has the recipe and pictures to prove she knows what she is doing in the kitchen.

I did add 1/2 tsp. cinnamon and 1/4 tsp. chili powder to mine to give them a bit of a kick. It makes them a bit more flavorful. And forget the 9 tablespoons of brown sugar. Just use 1/2 cup packed.

Use a sweet plate with scallops to serve. You can't just eat one. They are addictive. Try them!

Couple more quick things...

Weeks Dye Works came out with two more sweet linen colors. Charlotte's Pink and Red Pear. These make me hopeful spring isn't too far away.

And I have to give you a sneak peak at Barb's last purchase at the Heart of County.

This long cookie board has 1/2 of the alphabet on one side and the remaining letters are on the reverse of the board.

Look at the detail inside each letter.

I hope Barb will loan it to me next time I work on Spingerle cookies. What a find.

Enjoy your weekend!

Until later,



  1. What a great idea for monogram applique!!

  2. Oh that alphabet mold is wonderful! Wow! I bet you were wishing you'd found it before Barb.

    The cookies -- bummer about them not being good for the fluted edges. Trial and error, right? They do look delicious though.

    And that linen! Yummy! Hope you use it in a design sometime! (As long as it comes in 40ct. :D )

  3. Thanks so much for the heads up on the cookie recipe. My daughter is allergic to eggs and I'm always on the lookout for a good recipe.

  4. What a great find by Barb! And the new WDW linens are lovely, are you thinking of using them? Pretty please? [switching on Bambi eyes]

  5. The cookie mold is beautiful, and the pinky linens do look so springy - as four inches of snow is in our forecast for the next twenty four hours!

    Don't worry about sane or normal...enthusiasm and creativity are way more fun!

    I wish I could smell those gingerbread cookies baking.


  6. I wonder how many lucky people will be eating fairy gingerbread tonight. You never fail to inspire me.

  7. oh Alma you make my heart can have cooking mishaps also! love the alphabets!

  8. I love seeing what you are up to lately. Those cookies may not have scallops as you imagined but I bet they tasted great. Nothing ventured - nothing gained. Thanks for being normal and admitting what doesn't work as planned.

  9. Those are so pretty and look and sound so yummy. I will be trying these very soon. I love the alphabet mold. Very cool. The new linen colors are so pretty.

  10. I'll have to try these cookies - I love thin cookies and also shortbread. Don't ever beat yourself up for trying or suggesting a new way. Love, love the cookie mold!!

    Thanks for clarifying the chenille, I had meant to ask also - on how to use it.

  11. Hey, a little insanity can't scare me away - everyday has a bit of insanity around my place (adds a bit of fun, doesn't it?) :)

  12. Too bad about the cookies - I guess they just need to be palin & simple.
    Love that cookie mould - such a work of art.
    Lovely new linens too.

  13. WHAT? Sane and normal are way too boring! I'll opt for your blog any day! Only a true collector would hunt down and collect every fluted & scalloped edge known to man (woman) only to find out it doesn't work! LOL! Linda in Debary

  14. Wow! what a treat - both visual and gustatory for a gray and drizzling monday morning - thank you - must try those gingersaps they look yummy and the hand dyed linen - ooooh! so nice. The mold is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing all these good things.

  15. I love to read your blog. Glad I'm not the only one to attempt and fail at baking. Appreicate your input. They look yummy and I love the new ABC cookie mold. Awesome! I bet Barb will let you use it. I plan to get the dough book for my future daughter in law as part of her shower gift next month. Looks like fun. My son Nick loves to cook and has been dabbling with breads lately. Fun!

  16. Hi
    Just wondering if you have any plans in the furture of visiting Australia - I have a shop and would love to have you visit

  17. Where would I find a list of your fabrics/with color swatches and numbers of the Beach House Line that you put out for Moda. I'm making the Bunny Hill A Tisket a Tasket quilt. I found a shop that still has this collection but I need the numbers. Sure would appreciate help. Love your blog.

  18. Love your blog. Did you try chilling the dough before cutting out with fluted edge.

  19. PS Looked at receipe. Try scoring before baking. Still chill dough first. Going to try receipe. Have a great day!!!

  20. Think those biscuits look lovely fluted...even if not them a true homemade look...we love ginger
    Going to bake some tonight ...thanks for the recipe
    Warm regards from sunny south africa

  21. ok, on a totally different subject,, hope this is not inappropriate but I have made and love your Quilting the Garden quilt and would like permission for it to hang in a local show here in Saint John, NB Canada...
    Would that be a problem? you could email me at
    and thank you so much in advance..

  22. I made the quilt "Winter Garden" from your book, "When the Cold Wind Blows". I would like your permission to exhibit the quilt at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival in Shipshewana,Indiana from June 22-25,2011. I would also like permission for the quilt to be photographed, with the possibility that the photographs may be published, giving proper credit to you as the designer. The Shipshewana Quilt Show is a juried and judged show and designer permission is required to enter. Please email me at Thank you very much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

  23. Dear Alma, I love the looks of your photos, could you kindly tell me the brand of your camera? Hard to decide to choose between Nikon or Canon...Thank you so much! Sophie

  24. I love your blog and check for new goodies every day! I am really looking for #12 and bonus of the Anniveraries of the Heart. Any news on when it will be releast?

  25. I'm fan of yours for a month and every time I like to visit you!
    I'm in love with your books (I have got some) projects and fabrics!
    Thanks for your blog!

    A few days ago I finished a job with your collection of Antique Fair ... And is not the only project that I do with them ...
    I have already a few yards at home for the next project!

    Hugs from Spain,


  26. Hi, I am from Christchurch, New Zealand where we have suffered so much devastation to our city and suburbs from the recent 22nd Feb earhquake. I have just read your blog and enjoyed a good laugh re the gingerbread!! Thank you for helping to bring back a smile and the opportunity to laugh again. Think I'll have a go at these little beasts!

  27. Thank you so much for the plug for my blog Pie O My. Much appreciated. What a lovely site you have. I envy you your sewing abilities. Not my forte, but I certainly appreciate your talent!

  28. Hi Sophie,

    I use a Canon. I have the newer Rebel. It's easy to use...I took a class and that really helped too.

  29. Thank you Alma~thinking about getting a Canon, too. ;-)

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