Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cookbooks are right on the top of my reading list. I love to read the ingredients and the directions. The photography makes everything appear delicious and mouth watering.

While browsing in a cooking store last month, two words caught my attention.....Fairy Gingerbread. Who knew fairies even wanted gingerbread? But the mental image of Fairy Gingerbread was so alluring, I had to purchase the magazine. I felt hypnotized....I must have Fairy Gingerbread.....I must have Fairy Gingerbread!!! The magazine's picture made it look light, luscious and crisp. It seems like the wrong season for gingerbread but did I even care? No.

I went right home and made the cookie recipe the next was almost all I could hope for. Those light, flat wafers of gingerbread were delicious and looked sweet, but I though a fluted edge on the cookie would be even better.

The reason for this excessive background detail is pictured below. I needed a tool to give the edge of the cookie a scallop or fluted edge. I think my friend Flona contributed to this fluted edge obsession I have going now. (Scroll down to the blog post of Feb. 14th.)

The tools above and below are my purchases from Heart of Country. The Nashville cross stitch market occurred during the same time as Heart of Country this year. Barb and I always rejoice when this happen. We save one day to visit the antique vendors before setting up our booth.

Flona must be reading my mind. (Poor thing! No one wants to go there!) She gave the biscuit cutters below to me last night. They are from Martha Stewart's collection. You can find them at Macy's.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try the Fairy Gingerbread again and am going to use some of these tools!
Come back to see!

Until later,



  1. Alma - you are the most industrious and creative person!I love all your ideas - and I love, love all the new cross stitch patterns!

  2. I love those old pie crust scalloped tools

    I don't do any cross stitch or much sewing but I love those old kitchen things

  3. I love all those old cooking tools. The cookie cutters immediately took me back to my Grandmothers kitchen and baking cookies with her. What a sweet memory.....

  4. How nice that the two events occurred together like that! Love your finds for sure. They fit in so well with everything you do. Looking forward to seeing your fairy gingerbread.

  5. Alma - you always do the best projects. Now I need to get some of those biscuit cutters and find the recipe for fairy gingerbread. It's hard to keep up with you, but I'm trying :D

  6. Please Alma stop!!! I already own a brotform and 4 cookie molds cause I want to be you!!!!!!!!!

  7. Alma...just wanted to let you know I received my cookie cutter today It's beautiful thanks so much going to post about it tomorrow on my blog...

  8. I love Cook's Country. I always love to hear how others use their recipes and how they turn out.

    And your collection of fluted edge baking items! So pretty! I look forward to seeing the fairy gingerbread with fluted edges!

    No wonder you love the cross-stitch show. Especially if there are antiques nearby! Sounds like a great road trip.

  9. Yum, yum - and those scalloping tools look great. You're making me hungry!!

  10. It makes perfect sense to me that fairies would like gingerbread...particularly when you add those pretty borders! (and perhaps with a touch of lemon curd to dip the ends in!)

  11. I am "cooking challenged" and think that the only appliance in the kitchen should be a phone with all of the local delivery menus! lol However, the fairy gingerbread looks delicious and I'll look forward to seeing it with it's decorative edges.

    When I was a kid, I used to use cookie cutters like the little star with the handle! Does this mean that I'm an antique too? lol

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