First Half of the winners

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm trying to finalize a project for a magazine....I'm sending it off today and will have more time to blog after it's sent....but here are the first half of the winners.

I need to have the responses numbered. I haven't figured out how to do that I have to count them.

I spun the random number generator and here are the winners:

#2 Lizzie
#3 Staci
#9 Jenny
#15 Louise
#23 Viv
#35 Cornbreadandbeansquilting
#39 Jeannette
#47 Niina
#38 Pam 1228
#51 A.B.
#57 Melody
#73 Gretchen
#108 Patti
#111 Luned
#133 Conny's quilts
#155 Anonymous (Dec. 16 3:02pm)
#179 Cathy
#187 Carol

Will post the rest of the winners tonight!

Winners...e-mail your address to

And Anke sent this note to me today.

Read in your blog the other day and was taken by the antique sewing roll.
It’s fabric’s pattern, that has me intrigued; was it a piece left over and if so, what had been made? Or had it been salvaged from an item no longer needed or usable and if so what had that been? Like its slightly wavy/puckery looking sides.

Taken to such a degree that I tried and made one myself. Used some cotton fabric, a bit of calico, doctor’s flannel, some polyfibre fill, a bone button and a piece of twine. A fun little project and very happy with the the result.

(The pattern for the needleroll is in Garden Club our latest quilting book.)

Until tonight!



  1. Hi Alma: What a sweet little needleroll - I'm addicted right now to smallish projects ~ I guess because in my business end of quilting I am dealing with commssions for two qu8een sized quilts! Yikes!
    Will check back tonight to se if I won in the other half of the draw!!! Have a happy day, and check out my great Christmas giveaway over at

  2. Congrats to the winners!

    Also, I am getting SO curious to hear when the next installment of Anniversaries will be released.

    Any share-able news yet? ;)

  3. Congratulations to the first winners! I love that needleroll. Glad it's in your book -- I'm getting it for Christmas. :D

  4. What a surprise I am a winner of your give away! I will sent an email. Thank you very much! And I want you to know that I have almost finished your great Home sweet home quilt!

  5. What a wonderful Christmas surprise to check your blog this morning and find out I am one of the winners. How exciting!!!!!! I love the needleroll and will have to check out the book that it is in.......I love all your ideas either quilting or cross-stitch...oh to have more hours in the day..:)

  6. What a charming little project. The needle roll will have to be a must make project. I'll be looking for your 'Garden Club' book.

  7. Congratulations to the winners!

    I do love that needle roll.


  8. Congrats to the winners! I can't wait to hear about the magazine project. When can we find out which magazine it will be in?

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  10. Hi Alma, I recently purchased your book Garden Club, lovely book, and I want to do Winter Apples. I don't know how to contact you and it didn't say in the book, which fabric you used for the background of the blocks. Could you please email me and let me know. Thank you, Dianne email address:

  11. Hi Alma and Barb! Is the new project you are making for the Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine?? I can't wait to see!!

  12. Your project is really very nice. I hope you'll continue making such great things for the stitchers. That's a wonderful opportunity to show talents and abilities.


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