Bring a bit of light to the holidays

Friday, December 10, 2010

My niece Sarah is here for a visit. When she visits during the holiday season we try to do some seasonal baking and crafts. (I'm all about torturing my relatives!) This morning we worked on some candles we welcome you to "Sarah's candle shop."

We used soy wax flakes. You can purchase a 2lb. bag at Hobby Lobby or any craft store. I like soy based wax as it's easy to use and burns clean in the candle holder.

The first step is to pour the flakes into a pyrex measuring cup. Place the cup into the microwave and give it 45 sec. to a minute on high power. Take out the cup and stir the wax flakes. Microwave the flakes again until no flakes are in the liquid wax.

We purchased wick and the metal holders at the craft store too. I like the zinc lined wicks. Thread the wick through the metal holder as shown above.

Pinch the opening in the metal holder to secure the wick. (Note Sarah's cute nail treatment! She is learning how to paint motifs on her nails. I might need her to do mine.)

Place the wick into the container of your choice. Trim the wick about an inch longer than you will need.

Add a bit of hot glue on the base of the metal holder. It helps to secure it into place and keep the wick centered.

Position the wick in the base of the container. We are using some glass sheberts I picked up at an antique shop.

The zinc in the wick helps the wick stand upright. It's now ready for the wax!

The wax is melted and Sarah is adding a bit of fragrance. We chose "sugar cookie." Stir to blend the scent into the wax.

This is really easy and fun to do with teens and younger kids....all you have to do now is pour the wax.

Make several! They will be so cute with a bow and a bit of greenery around the stem. Just right for a teacher or a house warming gift....or just to bring a bit of light into the long dark evenings.

I filled a couple of empty votives from last year too. See how the wax is beginning to cool in the glass sheberts? We didn't add color to the wax. You can purchase color chips at the craft store and make your candles any color you choose. Don't forget to trim the wick after the wax has cooled.

While the wax cools, Sarah and I are heading out to Crown Center to see the Gingerbread House exhibit. Local chefs have been busy and we want to see the results!

Until later,

Alma and Sarah


  1. Thanks for sharing how to make the candles and your personal choices. Sounds like you and Sarah are having lots of fun! Glad you're off the recliner!

  2. Fantastic! Looks like fun! Have a great time with Sarah. :D

  3. What a fun craft to do! I'm going to do this with my kids!

  4. I brought some beautiful vintage glasses at the thrift store (I saw the candles you made in your book) and I will use them.

  5. That looks like fun! Thanks for the directions. You two have fun!

  6. Thanks for sharing the candles, I think I will try this today. I have a lot of cups and such from the thrift stores and this is a great idea for using them.

  7. Seeing the photos makes me want to make my own candles!!!

  8. We have made soap before, but never candles...we'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration. How do you decide what to use for containers, besides something that won't catch on fire?

  9. What a have such a wonderful relationship with Sarah.

  10. Lovely Time Spent with Family & Creative Ones at That...
    Beautiful Glassware for you Candles..

  11. Thanks for the guide, Alma! It's high time to prepare for Christmas! I'm making hand made presents for the members of my family and writing short poems for them as well. They like me doing such nice things for them.


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