Last days of August

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barb and I are back from our teaching engagement in Spokane, WA. We had a great time! But if you ask Stella she will probably give you another version of our week at the Buggy Barn. (And you can tell from my laughter....she got lots of sympathy from me.) My first words are...."Does someone have a camera?"

We always add a few extra projects for everyone. Barb and I think they sound fun as we plan the class. But you will have to e-mail Stella to find out for sure. She glued her two fingers together.

I'm pretending I've glued mine too....just to show support for Stella. I'm not totally heartless!!!

So when we come your way to teach at a retreat....and I mention gluing might be smart to pretend to be interested and say, "Maybe later Alma! I've got a few more stitches I want to put into my project."


  1. Glad you had a good time! Ugh on gluing the fingers together. lol! Poor Stella!

  2. Poor Stella! Although, I could sympathize, I had to laugh! I glued a piece of drywall to my thumb once. It was one of those moments when my husband whistled to me "If I Only Had a Brain"!

  3. Glad you are back, safe and sound. I have been wanting to do the "Love Notes" that Gloria showed at the Buggy Barn... I snatched a kit for myself. It's beautiful. Looks like all had fun, except for the glue patch - ouch!!

  4. How can we get the pattern for the roll-up pin cushion?? I love looks like it would be so neat! Thanks for your time and all your cool ideas!

  5. I had so much fun but then I did not glue my fingers together.
    Jane Winton

  6. Thank you for a wonderful class and loads of fun! One of the best classes ever. All the extras were greatly appreciated. Hope you come back soon.

  7. I missed seeing you ladies by one day. I stopped in to the Buggy Barn on Monday on our way home. One of my favorite places to be!
    Poor Stella..not the same as Marlon Brando's I am sure..Hmm gluuing fingers seems kind of like stitching applique to my lap! One of those Duh moments..Louise

  8. You crack me up poor Stella, lovely applique.

  9. Although making our own pin may have seen a bit treacherous, it was too much fun!! Both workshops with Barb and Alma were just too much fun.

    Kay from Arkansas

  10. Alma,
    I enjoyed meeting you and Barb and your class was so fun, the extras were a treat too. Stella was a great sport, and so funny!!
    Thank you for all the applique tips.


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