The Silver Needle Retreat

Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Friday at this time Barb and I were driving to Tulsa, OK. Our van was packed with kits and show and tell items. (And I mean packed!) We were amazed how quickly we were able to get to Tulsa. I told Lindy they were close enough for a quick trip to look at charts, linen and floss. (A "stitching fix" know what I mean!)

After arriving, Lindy's staff was ready to help unloading the van. They really made short work of that process. The first thing Barb and I usually do it set up a working table. We set out items we want to talk about and stitched projects to show. Seeing the models is much better than our pictures. We were able to bring some of our antique samplers this time too. The above pictures give you an idea of what our table looked like.

Friday evening we gave a small talk. We gave out a small pincushion pattern so everyone would have something small to stitch while we talked. We give an alphabet chart and some small charted motifs, but everyone has to come up with their own design. It's really fun to see how everyone makes theirs unique. Some even used the ribbon that tied their kits together as embellishment. Aren't they sweet?

We bring Charm Packs of our fabric by Moda Fabrics. Charm Packs are just the right size to back a small pincushion. Everyone gets to choose the print they like best.

Above is a picture of the retreat area. Mary took this picture from outside the building, through the window glass. There were 144 women attending. Below is a picture of Barb and I during the talk. I'm always hogging the microphone.

Barb shared information about the antique samplers she has found during her travels. You notice I don't have many to talk's because she always finds them first. We even brought the first two samplers that inspired our sampler prints in our fabric line by Moda fabrics.

We even got some wonderful show and tell. These two ladies are working on the Anniversaries of the Heart. One is on 36ct. linen and I think the other is on 32ct. Each woman is celebrating her family and hearing their choices were inspiring. (I'm gripping the microphone like there is no tomorrow!)

Lots of good food! Lindy's husband even grilled for us. Her daughter made wonderful Strawberry Cheesecake drinks...something with vanilla flavored vodka. (They were beautiful...wish I had a picture of them!!!) I didn't get to drink one though. I would have been out like a light.

In the picture above Lindy, the shop owner and retreat hostess, is second from the right.

The above two pictures are a brief glimpse of her shop. Visit her web-site for more pictures.
(Click on the word web-site for a link.)

All images are courtesy of The Silver Needle. These were taken by Mary Bolack.
Thank you Mary.....without these I wouldn't have anything to show.

Until later!



  1. Looks like so much fun! We need a retreat here 'out west'. Thanks for the pics!

  2. It was just as wonderful as it sounded. Thank you Alma, Barb, Lindy and the wonderful Silver Needle gals. It was perfect weekend.

  3. I wish you all would visit Michigan. It looks like you had so much fun!!!
    ~Joyce in MI

  4. che fortunate vorrei essere sta li anche io a fare e vedere tutte quelle cose belle, ma forse sono un po lontano uff che barba perchè non abto vicino a voi un bacio silvia

    I would be lucky that they are doing and also I see all those beautiful things, but perhaps a bit far dept beard because that not abto near you kiss silvia

  5. I wish I could have been there! 144 ladies -- wow, that's a lot! Thanks for all the pictures -- loved seeing the pics of the shop too since I've never been.

  6. Que reunião maravilhosa... espero ter uma dessas aqui no Brasil... voces estão de Parabéns.
    Um grande abraço a todas.

  7. Looks like it was so much fun! I will be meeting you next week at the Primitives of the Midwest, can't wait ~ even though I have NO idea what we'll be making, I have TOTAL confidence that it will be beautiful!LOL!
    See you next week ~ so excited!
    Debbie :)

  8. Looks so wonderful. I am wishing I could have gone. At least I have September to look forward to!!!

    I am madly stitching on house number 6 :-).

  9. How wonderful....I would love to have been there....even just to see all the other women that stitch!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!!
    Looks like you girls draw a huge crowd!
    Margaret B

  10. I had a fabulous time at the retreat and can't wait to attend another one very soon - hint hint!

    Have a question though.....where in the world do you find BriWax? I have searched everywhere and no one has a clue on what I'm talking about.

  11. That looks like such a wonderful retreat, would love to go to that type. We have no needlework shops in my area. I need to head north and see if I can find some.


  12. I'm so glad you enjoyed The Silver Needle! I grew up in Tulsa- isn't it a great city? :) Thanks for all your wonderful designs!

  13. Sounds like I missed a great retreat with you 2 gals! I have seen things on blogs that I had never seen at the retreats I was at with you. You are both so great at coming up with new things! The projects were great, too.

  14. I hope this is what Heaven is going to be like! AHHH what a treat. I live in Georgia and have always wanted to fly their one day and see the Silver Needle shop but haven't been able to yet.
    I bet that retreat was awesome. I love, love your new designs.

    Feathers in the Nest

  15. I wish I could have been there, it all looks amazing. One of these days, when I retire, I'm going to come to the US and visit The Silver Needle, it looks fantastic.

  16. What beautiful day! it is useless to say that I would be honored to know you of person…. when you come in Italy? thanks for the photos...
    ciao Maria

  17. sound a very nice day! Why i live across the ocean and we not have anything similar?

  18. I do agree with Maria.....what about a retreat in Italy? You should have not to be worried, there would be a lot of people!! :)
    Sara in Italy

  19. You have the most fun job and the joy of doing it together! I have a mother/daughter new venture and isn't it wonderful to have a partner who loves it the same! Twice the love, twice the brains too!

  20. I'm sure you gave everyone an amazing time, and it must be a real treat to see your beautiful presentations and seeing your designs stitched! This looks like so much fun!

  21. Che belle immagini...come mi piacerebbe essere lì...complimenti e buone crocette!!!

  22. It was such a wonderful time with you ladies! I just hope that you will head on back to The Attic in AZ again soon. ;-) I loved all the models you brought, your stories, etc. I really had a great time. Thanks!

  23. Geesh I would have loved to have been in the audience. You are right the individual made that day pincushions are extra special. Each it's only little work of art.
    What a fun day and thanks for the website link. Louise

  24. I saw on another blog the pin cushion...very nice for the show-n-tell, introduction period...this retreat looks like a blast...may have to road trip it, as I love to look at the website for TSN...

  25. Isn't The Silver Needle great? That was my LNS when I lived in that area and try to work in a visit there when I go home to see family even if it is a couple hours drive away! They always make the trip worthwhile. Sure wish I could have joined you at the retreat but maybe next time.

  26. Hollyhock....I was at the retreat and had a great time. They did a great job for having 144 in their class.In the 3rd picture bottom left corner on the blog, I am trying to figure out what pattern it is. It's the greenish color. It's fall and starts out "Everytime there is a season" You think that I would have asked at the retreat.

  27. It looks like you had a great time. Do you have anywhere in Ohio on your teaching schedule Thanks Laura

  28. Hi, this doesn't have anything to do with your post, but I'm trying to figure out which of your fabric lines you used for the sampler fabric in Trick or Treat. I just got the book and I am going to start it soon, but would like to try to track down some of that sampler fabric if I can. TIA! -Jeanette

  29. It looks like a great time for all. Love the shot of all the different pincushions, they're so charming! Please do something like this in Italy sometime ;-)

  30. Looks like a wonderful time! I wish I could have attended! Is there a class schedule on the web so I can see what other classes Black Bird Designs is offering this year? I would give anything to attend. Any chance you'll be coming east anytime soon? (

  31. Hi…could you please help me, I am working on the Lily of the Valley Stocking and I think there may be an error on the pattern…
    It says to use Shaker White for the main body of the lily flower, but on the photo it looks like the color Snowball…which is correct?
    Love your patterns,

  32. I'm so jealous - some friends of mine from the EGA guild I belong to in GA (Dixie) drove all the way out to this retreat. WHEEE - what fun I hear they had. Hope ya'll will be coming south again some time

  33. Another great retreat. I enjoyed this one just as much as the one I went to in April. I would go again in a heartbeat.

  34. 144 stitchers?! WOW! Glad it was fun. Just this past weekend I put together ALL of the project from our wonderful Minnesota retreat in March.


  35. Wow, I had no idea that that was such a huge and lovely shop. I'll have to drive up there when I go to OKC for Christmas! Thanks for the info.

  36. I love your designs. My favorite is the patriotic applique with flags and flowers. Your rhubarb and ginger line appealed to me in every way. Thank you,
    Marla in Oregon


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