June's Show and Tell

Friday, June 4, 2010

I've been outside working as my weeds are taking over. I spent about 4 hours in the back yard working in the strawberry and lavender beds. At 2:00pm I took a lunch break and just couldn't make myself go back out. It's about 92 here today. Here in Kansas, we have to put sulfur powder all over ourselves to prevent chiggers while doing yard work.....I've never seen a chigger, but I've been a victim of their crimes against humanity. You can literally scrape your skin away scratching after one bites you. The itch is just that bad! Usually they are the worst about 3:00am in the morning. So, no perfume for me....just sulfur. I smell like rotten eggs....but it's worth it.

It's too hot to work outside so I thought I would write to all of you. (Not to worry...I've showered ...no sulfur in the house.) Great day for show and tell. I love seeing your work. Many thanks to all who have sent pictures.

The picture above is from our friend Maria from Italy. Visit her blog to see how she finished this piece. She put it on the cover of a box. Click on her name and scroll down her blog for her May 20th. posting.

Maria writes, "This is my new thread's box... i love this chart and this book in all page...
thanks for your work!!!
an italian fan ^__^ hugs Maria

"I just posted on my blog today the picture of my interpretation of your freebie "Now I Know My ABC's"... I thought you may like to see it, so I attach the picture to this mail, I stitched it on a 32 ct brown linen with two threads I've dyed myself, I hope you'll like my finish.

The fabric on the back of the pinkeep is the same as the fabric on the table.
Thanks again for the gorgeous freebie." Best regards, Gen
(Click on Gen's name for a visit to her blog!)

The next pictures are from Peg and Janis. Peg writes, "Just wanted to share with you a few photos of my friend Janis Beagle's Summer House Pincushion. We followed your instructions, with a few design modifications and are very pleased with the finished product. Love the design, fabulous. Also, is the Sweet Heart Pincushion that I made for Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild, for our fund raiser in March. I added antique lace and button that were my Grandmas.

We both thank you for all your inspirations and creativity."

Catherine from France writes, :I used your Bluebird pattern, that I have colored !!! I added : "Mercerie d'Antan" Oldd Thread Shopp ! (or nearly !!)
I have added : porcelaine buttons, because we have a Summer House near Limoges, an old needles case,
and some old laces."

Catherine also made these cute notebooks from Niki's strawberry pattern in Joyeux Noel.
Aren't they sweet?

Nancy LaCaze and her sister Laura Denson live in Arkansas. They each make the same quilt and show the other their progress on web cam. This is their Patriotic Summer Quilt. The panel across the surface of their quilt is from "Summer Holiday" from the book Summer Weekend.

This quilt was based on "Red Sky at Morning" from Higdon Camp- 1924. The stripped fabric is from the line Higdon Camp too. The design is from a hooked rug pattern we did. (Nancy and Laura.....love how you made this into a quilt!)

They used a block from Birds of A Feather to embellish this tote.

Paola writes,

"Hi Alma!
First of all, I want to thank you for the beautiful projects you create for us... They are so charming.... I love all of your works! I stitched a heart for a friend of mine, I used "Sweet Heart" chart from the beautiful "Joyeaux Noel"... I'm so proud of it and I want to show it to you...
It's not the first Blackbird Design that have I stitchd, and when I finish one, I always feel proud of my work.. it's because your projects are heartwarming!!
Thank you :-)" Click on Paola's name to go to her blog.

I have to continue this tomorrow! I just looked at the clock...YIKES!!! Dave and I are going to a movie tonight.

Until later!



  1. They're all so beautiful! It must be so gratifying to you to see what people do with your designs.

  2. It was a hot one out there today. I did a lot of bike riding. Your pieces are adorable.

  3. So pretty! Thanks for sharing these with us.

  4. I so enjoy that you share the items that get made with your designs with all of us.

  5. What a nice surprise to check your blog tonight and view all of the photos of the beautiful work completed by your needlework fans. They are all truly beautiful, I especially loved the first one done with her own dyed threads. What a great complement to you both and your designs.

  6. I love to see different finishes of your designs, and all of these are just beautiful! But then, the designs are beautiful to begin with!

  7. Love all the finishes, but I have to say I am partial to the Janis/Peg finish as they are dear friends of mine! I have seen that one in person and have it ready to go with my own "projects to start"...keep up the good work, Barb and Alma - and the good work to all of us who stitch/finish your great designs!

  8. Everything is so lovely, we can pick out other ideas to finish your work.
    It is a great idea !
    So now, I am looking forwards for tomorrow.
    I hope the movie was great, what was the title ???

  9. what a beautiful surprise Alma ;)))
    thank's for sharing...
    ciao Maria

  10. All adorable this works, with this designs.
    Kiss Kiss Nadia

  11. I don't know what "chiggers" are, but I already hate them! ^__^

    It's so nice to see my heart here among those beautiful works! I think I will stitch it again because I want to have one here with me... :-)


  12. Such beautiful projects! I need to get back into stitchery and try some of these.

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  14. Yuk, I've googled "chiggers" and didn't like what I saw... fortunately I don't think we have those here, hot weather seems enough disturbing to me!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures that us, your stitching fans send you... :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Ah, yes: chiggers. They are most terrible and I've gotten more bites than I can count just from walking through a front yard in the midwest with flip-flops on. Nothing itches or swells like a chigger bite. These pictures are so amazing--truly inspirational!

  16. what beautiful finishes and creative needleworkers - it's so inspiring to see what BBD fans create. thanks for sharing - gosh I wonder if chiggers are here in florida - our mosquitos are bad enough to send you running - Mel

  17. Absolutely lovely, of course. I love,love,love the dog panel!

  18. what lovely finishes you shared! gives me lots and lots of ideas :)

    was the movie good??

  19. Alma, do you know where I can find the book Higdon Camp-1924? I would love to make the furled flag quilt.

  20. PLEASE>>PLEASE>>>PLEASE Run a re-print of the Camp Higdon-1924 book. There are literally 100s and 100s of us out here who would LOVE to buy a copy!!! YES we are begging!!!

  21. Yes please I want to make the quilt of the flag also. I cant find it anywhere..
    BLACKBIRD DESIGNS ~ "Higdon Camp - 1924" ~ Quilt Book !


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