A Day With Friends

Friday, June 11, 2010

Working from home can make for a quiet day. Of course, I have two dogs and my oldest son's cat here to keep me company. But they don't have too much to say. Hobbs, the cat, is busy looking out the window hoping something exciting will happen. She doesn't like the dogs much and she lets them know exactly what she thinks of them.

Gracie and Belle, the dogs, hang around hoping I will tell them it's time for a walk. Their favorite time of the day! Nothing like a leash and a collar to get their tails wagging.

Yesterday was different. Early in the morning, I rushed out of the house heading for Panera's. The second Thursday of each month is saved for breakfast pastries, coffee and laughter. It's time to catch up with friends. Although, the Salt Box Sampler (a quilt and cross stitch shop) has been closed for many years...the former owners and staff still remain close to each other. The shop brought friendships and the love of needle art to many women in our community. Working at the shop was a needed break from the antics of my 4 children. One or two nights a week I was able to "work" in a shop with beautiful fabric, patterns and creative women. After my time out, I was ready to do the kids, cooking, laundry and housework again. Isn't that what we love about visiting or working in our local stitching shops? It's like a dose of creative time rejuvenates our spirit.

After breakfast, I drove to Liberty, MO on a floss run. I went to Old Mill Stitchery to visit the floss wall and look at patterns and linen. Edie McGinnis a friend and my editor met me for lunch at the Corbin Mill restaurant. After more laughter, great food and lots of pie I drove home thinking the day was like a mini-vacation.

The picture above shows more Garden Party basket blocks. I've been making one a day. I love working on scrap quilts. The fun is seeing how the same pattern looks so different with each color and print. I haven't decided what to do with the blocks yet....still enjoying the process of piecing each block.

Petra Dennis made the pincushion above and she writes:

"I looked at your blog yesterday morning, and fell in love with the little basket square you created, and so I created one of my own and made it into a pincushion with rick-rack in the outer edge; here is a picture of it. I am a beginning quilter, just taking a class called Quilting 101, but am enjoying it."

I have more show and tell....will try and post them this weekend.

Until later,



  1. Isn't it amazing how a day with friends can energize us - or for me - even a day spent sewing - lost in my own thoughts can do that.

    Love the little basket blocks - I'm using Garden Party fabrics to make my first hexagon quilt - the colors are so wonderful to work with.

  2. You're so right about spending time with friends. I'm glad you got to have a refreshing, rejuvenating day. Love your basket blocks! They're so cute! If I can get around to some actual quilting, maybe I'll make some. lol!

  3. Thanks for sharing that with us. I love seeing new quilters work! It gets me excited. Spending time with friends are one of the best energy boosters.

  4. Oh, Alma, how lucky you are to get to spend time with some fantastic folks. I was at the Saltbox the day it opened, and visited so often after that I was afraid they were going to charge me rent. Pam Fowler sat patiently with me for hours and taught me how to hand quilt, and for that I will be forever grateful. The next time you see Gloria and Karen please tell them thanks so much for the pleasure they brought to their customers! AND, you got to go to the Mill!!!! Envy, envy, envy!

  5. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! Oh I love the Old Mill Stitchery...what a wonderful shop.
    I'm crazy about those little baskets. I'm going to get busy on some when we get back from vacation.

  6. Oh Alma, you brought back so many wonderful memories of the Salt Box Sampler days. That is where I met you. Gloria nad Karen couldn't have been nicer to me all those years. For six years I lived very close to the shop and went there very very often. I really miss all the people who used to work there.
    I love your little squares. Plan to do a few.
    See you and Barb soon in Liberty!!

  7. Basket blocks are among my favorites. Yours are so sweet. I would say that Petra has done her homework and might just be getting hooked on quilting. What a fun day you had..friends, pastry, pies, and floss. Not necessarily in that order you understand..

  8. I apologize, I didn't add my name to that last post..so sorry. Louise

  9. I also had a great time today with good stitching friends - it is fun to sit and laugh and maybe eat and drink with a needle and thread in your hand. Your Saltbox Sampler sounds like a fair haven for all who went there - how sad it closed but the ties that bind sound strong. Enjoy your blog so much - Melody

  10. It's commendable that even after the shop closes, everyone still gets together. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Garden Party is a great fabric line for those tiny baskets - very sweet! And the pin cushion is adorable. I love when you show us what others are doing also - Thank you!!
    Linda P in Ga

  11. Those are such sweet blocks - I think I feel a doll quilt coming on!!! Thanks for sharing them with us all.

  12. A one day vacation sometimes is just what we need to rejuvinate. It sounds like you had a terrific day!!

  13. Can you tell me what fabric line was used for Bachelor Buttons? It probably was different lines but if I knew one of the red/pink print it would help me in choosing the other fabrics. I love your new book! Thanks

  14. Oh, the Old Mill Stitchery! I love that place! And there's not a cross stitch or quilting store anywhere near my new house to make up for it. It sounds like you had a lovely day. I'm happy to get to be there vicariously anyway.

  15. Hello,

    I love the little basket blocks!!!!
    Are very lovely...!!!!!

    Maria Clara from Spain.


  16. Oh those little blocks are SO WONDERFUL!!!! Are you thinking about making another Very Large Basket Quilt, like the one in "When the Cold Wind Blows"?
    You are so lucky that everyone still gets together and sews after your local shop closed.
    None of my local shops have an area where you can get together and sew.

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