Snow and Tell Day

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's going to snow again here...I'm really ready for spring. And I know you all are feeling the same. Has everyone had enough snow? I say, "Absolutely!!!"

A bit of show and tell here today. I've had these pictures for almost a's about time I posted these on the blog site.

The stockings and A Merry Heart are from Paula at Kelmscott Designs. (The small gold scissors in the above picture is one of her newest products. Aren't they sweet?)

She writes, "In 2009 I actually had time to stitch and I was able to do 5 of your lovely stockings. They are all stitched on 40 ct Vintage Sand Dune, so I love that they are 25% smaller and have a vintage/antique look. You will notice that I have used my mother of pearl round rings at the top as these will hang on a gold metal ornament tree. As much as I enjoy finishing, due to limited time, I brought these down to AZ (where we winter) and there is a fantastic finisher Carol Wilson - here in Mesa and she did a wonderful job.

The other attachment is another of your lovely designs which I asked Carol to finish on a Trail Creek Farm pillow - I LOVE this design!"

The next 5 pictures are from a stitching group called Kindred Spirits. They had a "Blackbird Designs Day." Just wish Barb and I could have been there. I could'nt find their e-mail in my I have no details on the pictures. If these are yours send me an e-mail and I will label them correctly. Barb and I are honored anyone would want to have a Blackbird Day....and to have so many fabulous projects just takes our breath away. (Wish it would take my hips away...but that's another story!)

The above quilt is from our Home Sweet Home quilt book.

The above small quilt is from our book Small Favorites for All Seasons.

This quilt is from Quilting the Garden.

Look at all the cross stitch lined up on the window sills! This group has really been busy!
I love the picture below....More cross stitch and they even brought their own hedge apples.
I just hope those aren't for snacks....cookies would have been my choice.

Catherine from France sent the picture below. It's from Joyeux Noel.

She writes, "I hope everything is ok for you and you are not under the snow. For us, it is quite different since it is snowing constantly !!!! So in order to cheer up, I have finished and sew the pattern c'est la saison pour être joyeux !!!! I have read you are publishing a new leaflet, I am looking forwards buying it. Have a nice week-end."

Nina sent the two pictures above.

She writes, "I would like to show you my two pieces, Love Letters and Sweet Heart. I have finished both as an ornaments. Love Letters was hung on my Christmas tree and the heart was made as a gift for my friend . If you want you can post on your site/blog of course!"
Click on Nina's name for a link to her blog. She overdyed both pieces of linen.

And last, but not is a "snow" and tell from Barb and me. These two patterns are in the Rewards of Merit series. We are taking them to Nashville. Your local shops should have them after market.

Wishing you all sunny skies and warm breezes!

Until later,



  1. what a wonderful show and tell!
    my compliments to all the busy ladies who cross stitched/quilted, and then sent the pics in.

    it's so lovely to sit here in 30 degree weather with a hot coup of coffee, and look at beautiful things!

  2. It's so inspiring to see all the show and tell! AND!! I love the new Rewards of Merit! A must once again! You and Barb are the greatest!

  3. So many talented people! Everything is so pretty and very inspirational!

    I love your two new Reward of Merit patterns. They're just wonderful!

  4. They were all beautiful projects! Thanks for sharing. Your designs are so beautiful! I have really been drawn to them for a long time. I hope to do one of your applique projects soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. everything is so beautiful...
    thanks for sharing

    (i am just thinking if we snacked and chewed on hedge apples
    we could all lose pounds )

  6. So glad to see the guild pics on your blog! I know the gals you've pictured will be thrilled! Not sure if they're the ones I took or not (I posted very similar pics on my blog right after the big BBD day). I'm glad to see our Guild featured! We are, officially, the KSSG - the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild.

  7. Wow!! Some awesome quilts!! Thanks for sharing!! Loved it!

  8. Terri,

    Did you send these to me? Thank you for responding! I've gone through my e-mail several times trying to find who sent them and I can't find the mail.

  9. Wow those are all beautiful,,,thank you for showing them to us...and I so hope the snow melts away fast for all you,,it is a lovely day here in Northeast Floriday 51 degrees and sunny...take are..

  10. Oh my, what a lot of wonderful work displayed!

    I love the two new Rewards of Merit! It's going on my list along with the new book!

  11. I love your show & tell! My stocking SAL group is having a big show & tell at our next meeting (March). We will be half way through our year long SAL and I can't wait to see everyone's stockings all together. I will take pictures and email them to you. I know one of the ladies has stitched more than half of them already!

    Your new patterns are must haves! I can't wait to see what else you have coming out =)

  12. All of the quilts and stitcheries are beautiful.They make me want to finish my WIPs. Jan

  13. Those quilt pics were from the Guild I belong to (along with Terri). I thought that Terri took the pictures, but I guess she's not sure they are hers. Probably someone sent them in to you. Our Guild meeting is tomorrow and I can find out who that was. I have to say that it was a very inspiring day seeing all the beautiful BBD designs together.

  14. Thanks for the fun show and tell post.
    Love the new pincushion patterns.
    Take care,


  16. Those quilts sure are pretty! I like your new charts,too.

  17. Your post has made my morning!

    What beautiful Valentine eye candy. I can hardly wait to pick up the two new bird small projects. Really nice.

  18. Alma thanks for sharing all the finishes! What beautiful stitching!

    LOVE the Reward of Merit Series. Must call my LNS and say I need these two charts as well. Is there anything more you can tell us about this series?

    Sun's shining here today, certainly a little further north you have it as well. Stay warm!

  19. Your Show and Tells are always so exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing the new designs available after market.

  20. Beautiful!!!!! OMG such lovely works of art!!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    Margaret B

  21. I'm really looking forward to your 2 new cross stitch designs! Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentines Day!

  22. I can't wait to get these new designs. Thank you for sharing all the great pictures.

  23. I just love the new Rewards of Merit patterns!
    I'm waiting for more of your quit patterns too!
    Love your designs! I check everyday on your blog for a new post from you ladies!

  24. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful the show and tell on a snowy afternoon with a cup of hot tea! Happy Valentines Day!

  25. Oh, love the 2 new patterns.

    Also love the idea of using the Kelmscott threadholders for the stockings. I am determined to stitch all 36 stockings this year, have finished 4 and now working on the 5th, though not sure if I'll get the stockings made up this year - wish me luck.

  26. I can't wait until I can buy the new reward of merit patterns. The little bird designs are so sweet. Sandi

  27. I'm Tina Knebel and those three quilts pictured at the show and tell day with the Sampler Guild are mine. I'm talking about Home Sweet Home, Quilting the Garden and the smaller Fall quilt from Small Favorites. The Fall one includes the great shot of me laughing. I'm also a cross stitcher and brought some of those pieces too.

    We had such fun that day celebrating your beautiful designs. Don't ever stop.


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