Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jeanne-Caroline Franssens (or Gigi as we call her) did this wonderful piece. It's stitched over 2 threads on an enormous linen piece. She left it hanging for the entire market. I took this from a distance so you could see the size of this piece. This is not the only piece this size stitched by her either. She has done one of all the Prairie Schooler Santa's and one of some of our designs too.

I can't imagine the time this took ....or even the amount of floss! Can you? If you visit Kathy Schmitz's blog and scroll down to Feb. 24th you can see a picture of Gigi with her sampler. Really amazing! (I'm still working on my Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler....I just have several dates to excuse for me after taking a look at this one!)

The next picture is of our dear friend Niky Farrauto. Her designs are featured in our books, My Heart is True and Joyeux Noel. We were able to see her at market and look at her wonderful patterns. Click on her name and visit her blog. She said she is willing to work with us again, even after the mistake I made on her last pattern. (Don't forget to e-mail me if you purchased the Joyeux Noel book for her missing strawberry pattern!)

We all have to get a plane ticket and go and visit these ladies!

Liezbeth Gottschall from Crown Stitches writes:
"Our 'Kerstsokkencafe' Stocking-café is blooming. 20 Ladies who come here every month to stitch and 35 post members. They are hoping there will be a follow-up on the monthly series.
Last Saturday they brought their stockings. You will find the photos as attached. We look forward to all the new designs and a group of 65 ladies are also hoping to get the Remember Me houses 7 - 9. Are they still to come????

From all the Dutch ladies a big hug,
Liezbeth Gottschall

Now take a look at the number of stockings they have stitched!

(I'm sure there will be more Remember Me houses....but it will have to be much later...we have shifted gears and are now in our quilting mode. We are finishing up several quilts for our "Country Inn" book.)

And several of you have finished the free pattern.

Christine sent the above picture and she writes, "I'm sending you a picture of your last freebie so cute!! I liked stitching it and I finished it with an old slate for a student. The shoe in front is an old inkpot. I had only "Red Rocks" so I have chosen the other colors from WDW.
Thanks for you charts ! I did also "Joyeux Noêl" but I am waiting to find a beautiful frame!

Click on Christine's name to visit her blog.

Tina Quidone stitched the above piece. The addition of the buttons is very sweet.

Jennifer Holcombe stitched the above piece. She used Crescent Colours. Love how they turned out. Jennifer writes, "I thought you might like to see my finished version of the free sampler since you already got to see the work in progress. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I have a few ideas brewing."

Thanks to all of you that send in pictures. We love seeing what you finish!

Goodnight to all and sweet dreams!

Until later,



  1. Hi Alma, can't find link here to your email. I have the lovely Joyeux Noel, when you have time can plz contact me about Nikki's strawberry?

  2. What wonderful finishes with your stitchery. I didn't think of that. I found an old slate with a space to put something, an alphabet sampler would be perfect.


  3. wow - WoW and triple WOW
    amazing stitches
    I love that bevy of socks...amazed!

  4. The pictures are so nice. Thank you for sharing. All the little stockings are so pretty - Imagining them hanging in my house somewhere.

  5. What an amazing work of art by Gigi! How would you even begin to stitching something like this. What a creative lady she is.

    All the stockings look wonderful together, and nice interpretations of your latest freebie.

  6. Hi, I also have the Joyeaux Noel book and coincidentally was just flipping through it last night and realized the strawberry pattern was missing. I've looked all over the blog and the BBD site and can't find your contact email...can you email me as well when you have time?
    emilyaliu at juno dot com
    Thank a bunch, Emily

  7. Gigi always does such amazing work. She's a credit to the needlework world, very inspirational. All those stockings and finished samplers--a sight to behold! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Alma,

    I do have the Joyeux Noel. I cannot locate your email. Please let me know how to receive Nikki's strawberry pattern.


    candykiss57 at hotmail dot com

  9. Gigi is amazing! I saw this coverlet of hers on another blog and I knew it must have been hers. What I can't figure is how she holds all that fabric when she stitches! I love seeing the pics from market. And yes, I saw those Dutch stitchers' pics -- amazing! And your freebie. Lovely finishes! Quilting mode now, huh? I can't wait!!! I know I'll need your new book. :D

  10. Wow I couldn't see the size of that sampler till I clicked on that link which shows her with it! It is MASSIVE!!! Thanks for sharing. x

  11. Gigi is just amazing. I saw this coverlet on another blog too. Absolutely amazing!

  12. Hi Alma, looks like I am not the only one without your email address. I do have the Joyeaux Noel book also and would like the strawberry pattern. Thank you for keeping us up to date and for the the freebies that everyone loves. I am off to stitch mine. pam

  13. Hi Alma,
    Please add me to the list of followers looking for the strawberry pattern for Joyeaux Noel.

  14. Hi, I am trying to locate your email address also. Thank you so much for alerting us to this!

  15. Hi Alma, we had lot of fun in Nashville indeed, it was so good to see you again. If you decide to make another book together, just ask!!! I'm ready.Love you too.

  16. J'ai acheté Joyeux Noel, merci de me faire parvenir le rectificatif de Nikki's strawberry

  17. HI! I'd just like to know what the "V" and the "x" are supposed to be at the end of the sampler. Curious minds want to know.
    Thank you!

    Brenda in Il


    Here is the link to the Blackbird Designs website where Alma posted the pdf file on the bottom of the page for Nikki's strawberry chart.

    Gigi, your sampler coverlet is amazing!!!

    Alma, love all of your things from market. My geraniums, that I brought in from the garage thanks to one of your earlier posts, are almost ready to bloom. A little bit of fabric and some threads...will soon be stitching Margaret Harris in honor of my grandmother. Life is good!

  19. Hi Alma and Barb...Thanks for the pictures. Wow! Such talent and inspiration! I am looking for Summer Weekend because I fell in love with the Old Glory pattern. Anyone know where I can find that book? I've been looking for it on Ebay for months with no luck! :(

  20. Hi Alma, Thanks for sharing the pics of market and Gigi's wonderful stitchery. I've seen her Prairie Schooler Santa's and would love to do one like it. She does spectacular work.

    Since you all are in quilting mode now, I wonder if you could give me some idea on how you go about cutting the backgrounds for those large blocks. I'm getting ready to start Winter Garden from When the Cold Wind Blows and those blocks are very large. So any pointers you could give me on cutting out those backgrounds would be great.

    I can't wait to see your new quilting things coming out. When can we expect the new quilting book release?

  21. bonjour, j'ai acheté le livre "joyeux noël" ..... il y a une erreur ? Alors merci de m'envoyer le rectificatif ! (si j'ai bien compris , mon anglais est très nul !!!)
    Bonne journée

  22. Thank you to show my picture! and Thank you for all your beautiful patterns!!

  23. I'm glad to know I am not the only one who could not find a link to your e-mail. I also have purchased Joyeux Noel and would like to have the missing strawverry pattern.

  24. Grazie per aver pubblicato la mia foto!!! Il link al mio Blog è
    A presto!!

  25. hi Alma

    I had purchased Joyeux Noel. An friend told me that the pattern for the strwberry not right and she read on your blog if i want the right pattern i had to email you. I cant find an link for you email so i mail you this way. I like to recieve the pattern. I hope to here from you. I wait and enjoy to read the books and quilting/crosstitch the pattern i buy. Keep on the work.
    Thanks Miranda

  26. May I please request a copy of Nikki's strawberry pattern.


  27. Félicitation pour votre superbe site ! Bravo et bonne continuation !

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