Show and Tell

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lots to show without further delay here we go!

This sweet young girl pictured above is Judy Filean's granddaughter. She is wearing her Grandfather's Army uniform which he wore as a child in 1945. Judy sent this to me in October of 2006 when her granddaughter was 5. This pattern is from our book Women of Grace and Charm. Inside this book are stories of 12 local women's service during WWII. (And of course a quilt block for each woman.) Judy adapted the pattern a bit and we love what she did. Of all the books we have done, this one is the one that I'm most proud of. It's because of the women's stories. I look at their faces pictured in our book and I am honored by their sacrifice and service.

These two sweet thread keeps are from Catherine. Click on her name to visit her blog site.
She writes,

"Here is the last picture of one of your designs. The book Joyeux Noël is really a "mine" (not sure of the translation : it is a way to say that there is a lot of projects inside)"

The hexagon pincushion is from Cathy. Click on her name to visit her blog. This was a class project offered when we were in Nantes, France.
She writes,
"I've made the pincushion several times. I have fun every time and take a lot of pleasure in making them. Here is the last one.
To us in France, we can send our wishes all January long, then I wish you a very happy New Year on 2010. I don't know if we shall have the opportunity to see again each other this year, but continue to enchant us with your wonderful charts."

Debbie Wick sent in the 2 above pictures. The quilt is from Quilting the Garden. The Noel box is from Joyeux Noel.
Debbie writes, "I finally figured out how to download pictures from my new camera. I hope you enjoy them."

The next two are hers also. Debbie we are glad you have the camera figured out!

The quilt above is from the book When the Cold Wind Blows. Check out Debbie's pillowcases too!

More tomorrow!

Good night all.



  1. Fabulous inspiration - thanks so much for sharing!!!
    Janet - snowbound in Nova Scotia

  2. These are great! I absolutely LOVE that last quilt and the pillow cases too!

  3. So beautiful! It's always so inspiring to see things made from your books and patterns!

  4. Everything is just wonderful, and thanks so much for sharing everyone's talents! It is such an inspiration to see the work of others.

  5. It is very nice to see all the projects all around the world ! I am very proud to be Cathy's friend and to get one of the pincushion she did . Mine is stitched with Harvest Home fabrics which are no doubt one of my favourite ones .I think I can't show you the picture here in my comment .

  6. I am so glad I took the time this morning to view your blog. What lovely treasures I have seen. Absolutely love the quilts..Louise

  7. Hi Alma! What a great post. Love that the cross is all very beautiful. I did a little swoon when I saw that quilt! Big smile.

  8. They are all such wonderful work with your designs.
    I do love the photo with the quilt, really special.


  9. All the beautiful pictures! It's so great to see things made from your books. I'm about to try my hand at needleturn applique on one of your older quilts - Old Glory. I just can't wait to get started on it.

  10. Wow your what a great site to open and find so much inspiration on several subjects.
    I am so inpressed with the quilling, I have tried it but not so good at it.
    Thank-you Alma for keeping us informed and entertained.

  11. I love all the pretty stuff, and the little pin cushion is so cute. HAPPY SEWING!

  12. Does Debbie Wick have a blog? I love the quilt displayed over the railing and wondered what material she used so I could try and make one similar for a friend.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous projects - I cant wait for show tell again!! These ladies do beautiful work!!

    Linda P.

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