Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ok....I know you are going to say, "Quilling?" But I can't stop myself. I saw the picture below on the blog site, Tongue in Cheek. Corey, from Tongue in Cheek, called the piece a relic. Take a look at her Jan. 13th posting to find more about this piece. It was made to contain a lock of hair....And yes, I copied the picture from her site....I feel badly. I don't normally take other people's pictures....but I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF! Go visit her site... You will really enjoy her stories. (click on the name of the blog for a link) Tracy Riffle, from Hands to Work gave me the heads up a couple of months ago. Thank you Tracy!

Anyway.....I couldn't quilt thinking about quilling. My mother used to make things years ago....and they were really lovely....but when I saw the piece above I got in my car and went to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies. (That's another story!)

I just finished the piece pictured above....and it's easy. Just like applique. 1/4" strips cut from an old book and watercolor paper, my favorite PVA glue from Paper Source and the quilling tools and here's my first try!

I glued the pieces on the inside of a box lid. I'm going to cross stitch a piece for the top of the box and then paint the rest of the box. I used old paper to cover the inside of the box lid and then sprinkled a bit of coffee and baked it for a short time to dry.

Well....back to work!
There will be Show and Tell part 2 tomorrow....don't forget to view yesterday's posting to see Show and Tell part 1.



  1. I won't say "quilling?" I'll say "quilling!" I love to quill and am always happy when I find someone else who enjoys it too. Where on Tongue in Cheek did you find the pic? I'm not seeing it... would love to see what you made with your new supplies also.

  2. Your first try came out fantastic. It looks like it would be fun to do and with such fantastic results.

  3. Hi Ann,

    Take a look at Jan 13th....there are more pictures of the item she found too!

  4. I have always wanted to learn to do this!! My mom has a pin cushion that is made from quilled soda cans. It is in the shape of a rocking chair. I have loved it since I was a little girl.

  5. Ah, thanks Alma! Now I see the pics of the lovely piece you made and the date of Tongue in Cheek's post - the quilling Google alert I received was just too speedy. :D I'd say you're a natural at quilling.

  6. Thanks for the memories! I remember quilling snowflakes with my mom when I was little and hanging them on our Christmas tree.

  7. Your quilling is gorgeous! And, I love the way you lined the lid and aged it. This looks like something that I would enjoy. Maybe another hobby for the future!

  8. It sounds so simple but looks so elegant! My kind of hobby. :~) Just Beautiful.

  9. Ok, that is just plain cool. I'm going to have to check out that blog/website. You're always doing the neatest things!!

  10. I did quilling when we were first married. We were on a very small budget, so I made all the ornaments for our first Christmas tree. Quilling was perfect. It was alot of fun to do. Now,35 years later, I display the pieces I made back then on a separate tree. What great memories your blog brought back. Simpler times...and in some ways, they were the best times!


  11. It has been years since I "quilled" anything...did lots of Christmas ornaments!

  12. You did a wonderful job on your first project. It looks like fun to do.


  13. Bravo pour ce blog !...J'aime les belles mise en scène avec ces photos et des ouvrages superbes...

    Bon dimanche et à bientôt...



  14. Hi, Alma.

    I'm not sure how to email you and/or Barb, but I'd like to share with you my finish/customization of your Souvenir de France freebie, which I adjusted for a Valentines exchange to "Un Souvenir du Coeur"

    Here are some links to my picasa:



    I'm also planning to post it to my blog:


    With Thanks for sharing this fun design


  15. I used to take a lot of art classes when I was a child, and I remember trying quilling one summer and really liked it. You always have a way of making the old seem new again...and now I want to quill. Like I need another hobby... ;)

  16. I love 'Tongue in Cheek'! Met her when she was in Austin last year on her way to Marburger? antique show, just outside of Round Top. She talked to a group of us at Mari's store, Back Home, here in Austin. Lots of info about travelling in France. But.....your blog is the best!

  17. I love your quilled project!
    My sister used to do a lot of quilling years ago and has made some fabulous pieces. It's rare to see it. Truly a dying art. It's a treat to see yours..and maybe others will see it and try it? I'd love to see it make a comeback.

  18. Beautiful.My oldest daughter has always admired quilling but I haven't done any since high school. I think I'll try again.

  19. Alma, honestly how can anyone go back to work after seeing that wonderful quilling, it made me hyperventelate( OK I don't know if I spelled that right because I can't breathe) and want to make one now...but there seems to be bills, laundry and a deadline to deal with. Thanks for your wonderful sharing. OK deep breath!

  20. Love your quilling creation.
    I too have an antique quilled piece of art of a bird that holds a lock of hair in its beak sheltered beneath a glass dome... so fragile yet endearing. I believe it is a mourning piece, for the Victorians were infamous for weaving hair from their beloved into pieces to be treasured...
    Enjoy your weekend.


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