My Big Mistake

Friday, August 7, 2009

When I make what might be considered a slight error, it can become major headache and problem for others. And I want to let you know that I've created quite a problem for all of you.

On the last Loose Feather pattern, "Summer Basket" I told Norden Crafts, one of our cross stitch distributors, that one of the colors needed for the bonus pattern was WDW Peach. Katie from Nordon then reports to all of the companies and lets them know what colors will be needed for the program. This coordination can take quite a few conversations between companies. After getting the report from Katie, Weeks Dye Works got busy and made hundreds of Peach floss to meet the increased demand.

While all of this is going on....I work on the pattern layout and notice that I used WDW Peach Fuzz for the small flower. I note the correct floss on the chart....but my mistake was I failed to notify Katie.

Norden Crafts in the mean time got all of the linen and floss together and shiped them out to the shops, so when the pattern arrives you can walk into your shop and have everything ready for you to purchase. This is no small undertaking either.

Because of my failure, now when you go to purchase your pattern the WDW Peach Fuzz might not be in stock. I'm very sorry for this...I have made more work for Katie, your shop owner, you for your extra trip to the store and probably have cost Weeks Dye Works extra money for the overdyeing of Peach floss.

All I can say, is look for the color Peach in our next project! And Katie wanted me to let shop owners know they can return the Peach floss and they will replace it with the correct color.
(Katie, I hope the liquid beverage you had last night helped ease the pain a bit!)

The pattern is correct ....I did use WDW Peach Fuzz...but the area is so small I'm sure WDW Peach would work just fine too.

Katie, Miranda (from Weeks Dye Works), all the shop owners (who are probably yanking their hair out) and all of you ...please accept this as a token from me!

I will try next "thyme" to remember to keep everyone in the loop!

Don't forget to respond to the contest too so you have a chance for the tote bag and scissor bags.

Until later!



  1. I would not worry too much... nobody is perfect and it adds to the 'handmade' effect. Most stitchers have all sorts of floss in stock 'just in case' ~smile~ I for one have a floss addiction :)

    I can't wait to start Summer basket it is such a lovely pattern and the colours are just wonderful with Peach or Peach fuzz...

  2. Don't worry, WDW threads are so pretty I'm sure a lot of us will buy Peach as well to add to our stash - the shops could run out if they send it all back!

  3. I'm all for adding a Peach thread to my stash!
    Don't worry, we all make mistakes and I think we all worry about them a lot more than we need to.Really looking foward to Summer Basket, the glimpse we had looked lovely.

  4. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. People have the wonderful ability to adapt. You have just given them an opportunity to do so.

  5. I love peach..perfect for my stash...these things happen...hugs, Linda

  6. Awww. heck Alma, I know you must feel really badly, but you know what STINK happens :)

  7. Don't feel badly, Alma. Mistakes happen! I'll be happy with either Peach or Peach Fuzz. :D

  8. don't be so hard on yourself, everyone makes mistakes and I am sure you will use this color in your next project so thats fine it will sell!
    hey we all could add a little more thread to our collection!
    Its amazing you do all that just so we have/the shops have what we need to make your projects!
    thank you

  9. My goodness what an uproar from the word fuzz[or lack thereof]. I say put it out as a chart correction sans fuzz and be done with it.

  10. Wow Alma, now you've taken the trouble to explain the whole process to us, with all that's involved, I think we can forgive you this teeny weeny mistake. It's a wonder more don't happen all the time. Living in England and often not having the required thread to hand, sadly, I often find myself having to substitute.
    You have us all waiting now to see what the next peach based design will be.....haha :>)
    Hugs Angela

  11. Floss happens!.... Dont be so tough on yourself, in the grand scheme of things this minute! But I do applaud your honesty and heartfelt apology!

  12. Like I will really notice one more bit of floss in the overflowing drawer....too funny.

  13. Goodness...haven't we all had that sinking feeling? Whoops.... We love your designs and we love WDW floss. We'll all survive. Hugs

  14. things happen and with your schedule/items on your plate something would happen.. just say we are all human.
    I am sure the companies and your loyal fans understand..
    Hope you had a fragrant tea and are now on to better thoughts.

  15. i love peach, peach fuzz, peach doesn't matter...

  16. Alma, my daughter Lindsey, sister Deb, (from Wichita) and I were at your class in KC recently and Barb told Lindsey that if you make a mistake just keep going and remember that it will make your piece unique. Soooo... that seems like good advice, if we always did everything perfect we would be so boring!

    Carol from Jacksonville Florida
    P.S. always enjoy your blog...very inspiring Can you grow blackberries in Florida ????

  17. Alma, please sign me up for this latest contest. Thank you. Debi in YL,CA

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  19. Hi All
    I am new to this so be patient with me please. I am trying to locate a pattern book by blackbird designs, I bought the Samples from the Past Parts 1-4 some time ago. My friend borrowed number 4 and lost it so I am trying to replace it as I am unable to complete my quilt without it. Does anyone know where I may purchase one used or new?
    I am from Canada and since the "recession" our quilt shops don't seem to carry Blackbird design fabric or books. I have travelled to one of the shops in the US that carried them but they too have stopped.
    I miss my favourite designers.
    I love all the samplers that Alma does. I am trying to reproduce a family sampler from a photo (a black and white photo) and would like to know if anyone knows people who can map such things.
    Sorry to ramble but this is neat to be in touch with other stitchers.


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