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Thursday, March 23, 2017

     I love to begin a new project to celebrate the holiday after the rush of the season is over. All is quiet, no more gifts to buy or make, and there are enough leftovers to keep us going for a while.    
     An antique sampler by J. Mair’s was the inspiration for my newest Christmas design, Feliz Navidad.  This is the second in our Christmas Sampler Series. The first one was published in 2012.

      Each of Barb’s grandnieces and nephews initials are stitched into this sampler. Now she has a permanent record of the next generation of her family. An alphabet chart is included so you may replace her family’s initials with yours. Also included in this chart is a pattern for a heart pincushion. This sampler is based on an antique piece too. I love how the frame comes up right to the last stitch....very much as it would have been framed long ago.

Lady Liberty was a club piece done for Dyeing to Stitch. We have released it for all now. I love how Barb designed her holding a threaded needle.

The Sewing Bird- scissor pocket was also a club piece done for Dyeing to Stitch. We have released it for all now.

Hats off to Uncle Sam was a class piece we had taught last year. The drum pincushion fits inside the hat box. Instructions for the had and pincushion are included inside the pattern. The pincushion is stitched on Murky linen by Picture This Plus. I love everything about this small pincushion. I'm going to have to stitch one for myself!

This Winter is Past  was my favorite stitch of the year. It was stitched on Picture This Plus - Oaken linen. (A new color released at market.) I decided to use Weeks Dye Works blue and brown/gray shades. I guess it was my favorite because everything just seemed to come together just right. A lot of times, I have to take floss out and replace it with another to get it right. Feels like I'm stitching each piece twice. The linen looks lighter here than it really is, because I use a white mat board backing. The splotchy color of the linen gives dimension to the sampler. 

     This is the first pattern of our new Loose Feather Series for 2017. We are framing all of them in the same frame as pictured above. We plan to hang all of them together on the wall. Each of the nine in the series, celebrates our fine feathered friends. We will release one each month until the series is completed. Each will be the same square size. The floss colors are from Weeks Dye Works and will all be in a similar colorway. The next linen used will be Picture This Plus - Ale, and the third one will use Oaken.

     I've just finished getting our newest quilt book to the printer and it will be ready to ship out Friday and Monday.
Here's a sneak peak at the cover.

Will show you the latest addition to our family soon. Hope you are enjoying spring!

Until later,


  1. Love the new designs! I hope you both have a wonderful and creative Spring.

  2. BBD never disappoints - I have some things in from market and some still on order. I didn't order The Winter Past - I might have to do that ! Cheers Mel

  3. Love everything about your new designs! Thank you so much for all your creativity!

  4. A fine collection and one that I'm sure to stitch! Love Love Love them all!

  5. So happy to find a new post here. I love all of the new designs!

  6. Love these new designs! All are so fresh and peaceful! Thank you for keeping my hands busy (and heart happy) for another year! :-)

  7. More patterns to add to the stash! There aren't enough hours in the day!!! Speaking of lack of hours in the day...we've missed your blogging (I'm guilty as well)! I see you and Barb have been busy, but inquiring minds want to know: How are the bees doing? Any new bread recipes?

  8. I received a stitched piece and book from a friend of mine. A Stitcher's Journey. She stitched the Tulip Compaion parts for me and provided me with the box. I just finished the box and finishing touches and posted the pics on a Facebook group I belong to called Primitive Stitcher's Society (check them out). Everyone wants to know where to get the box for that project. Do you have a source that I can share with them? Feel free to email me thank you in advance. Vikki

  9. Your designs never fail to delIght. What a lovely collection, each one very different but still with the same identifiable BD feel. I love that familiarity.
    I would love to know what inspires the titles. Some are easy to see but others are far more intriguing :-)
    Congratulations on your 18th anniversary. Where have those 18 years gone!! I have been with you from the beginning when you so kindly responded to my emails all the way from the military base in Cyprus xx

    1. Hi Angela,
      Nice to hear from you. I do remember you! How could I forget writing to someone in Cyprus? Not an everyday occurrence believe me!
      I've been looking through some verses and old poetry and choosing some lines that speak to me for titles. It's hard to come up with something fresh and new all of the time. I think my favorite was naming our Adam and Eve sampler "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?" Of course, that's from Shakespeare's Sonnet #18.It seemed perfect for Adam and Eve's love story. They stuck together through it all, and they had quite the life didn't they?
      Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your kind comments! Hugs to you!

  10. The Raven quilt is almost finished so this new quilt book is perfect timing. I must have at least one of your quilts as a WIP or I'm not happy.

  11. I've started a SAL for the new Bird Series and love the first one which I have just finished stitching. Can't wait for the next one. Winter is Past and kitted up and ready to start.

  12. I am wondering if you will ever re publish Christmas memories series of four booklets. Email me at Thanks!


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