Down Memory Lane

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thank you Eddie Landreth for taking me down memory land and giving me a morning's pleasure! Eddie sent these pictures of his latest quilt to me and gave permission to share them. 

 Eddie used the featured pattern from our book Garden Club to make his quilt. I went back through my files and took a look at our pattern again to compare his to mine. His use of the dark background really makes his applique elements shine. Makes me want to do this pattern again using his color way. His fabric choice is so appealing. Take a look at his quilting too, as he has a long arm machine and does his own quilting.

The theme of the book featured a group of women who had formed a garden club in Polk, Nebraska. My grandmother was one of them. Each block was named for a woman in the club. Above is a picture of some of the women and their meeting notes. I had forgotten I had so many of these pictures in my file. After finishing a book, I'm on to the next project. So it was nice to revisit the theme of this book and the patterns. 
Many thanks Eddie!

My quilt from the book pictured above.

Until later!


  1. What a beautiful rendition of your wonderful quilt! Gorgeous!

  2. I have this book and love it, along with many of your others. Thank you for writing such great books! Love anything on a black background. Beautiful quilt, Eddie, and the quilting is amazing!

  3. I started this quilt a few years ago and never finished it. Now's the time to get it back out and start again.

    I've missed your blogging. Recently I was recuperating from a surgery, and I started reading back through your blog. I was a winner of a box of your quilt scraps, and my quilt group made several lap quilts for an area nursing home from those scraps. I also enjoyed reading about your cookie baking and your wonderful crafts. I gave up my blog a couple years ago, and I totally understand that you are probably too busy to continue yours. Just wanted to let you know this reader misses you and your ideas!

  4. Great to see a blogpost again!
    A gorgeous quilt, beautiful.
    Can't wait to see a future book from you.... with quilts of course <3 !

  5. wonderful quilt feature by Eddie - lovely workmanship and fabric choices.
    Always great to see a blog post Alma - hope you and Barb are doing well.
    Cheers Mel

  6. How fun for you! Both quilts are beautiful!

  7. Adore the darker background. His work is amazing and the depth and intricacy of his quilting is delightful.

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