New Loose Feathers Pattern

Monday, May 6, 2013

     Barb and I are back home.....a week at the beach is never enough. We wanted to stay another week, especially when we found out it was snowing at home. All good things must end though, and after developing project themes we want to accomplish this year it was time to come home to begin the implementation phase. (Now the work really begins.)

     We didn't have the best weather our entire week. There were a couple of the worse thunderstorms I've ever experienced. One night it rained 6-8" and explosive thunder shook and rocked the house. I asked my daughter Laura, to stay up during the night to make sure we didn't need to evacuate. She declined the offer and went to bed early. Luckily the storm awoke Barb, so she got to watch sheets of water pour down. As flashes of lightening lit up the sky she checked to make sure the gulf wasn't racing up over the dunes toward the beach house. I just put a pillow over my head and tried to sleep through it all.

     I dropped the next Loose Feather pattern files off at Boelte Hall before our trip. The pattern will be delivered to our warehouse tomorrow. Agnes Platt's lovely sampler belongs to Barb. It has hung in her home for years. It's been one of my favorites because of the colors and the bee skep. This sampler seems just right for spring and summer. Agnes stitched wonderful alphabets, a wending strawberry border and a sweet bee hive under a tree. Agnes didn't have any bees swarming around her skep so Barb added plenty in her sampler pictured on the top of the pattern cover.

     The original sampler looks square, but that's because it's stitched on uneven weave linen. The reproduction sampler stitched on 30ct. Vintage Gray linen by R & R Reproductions will be a wide rectangular shape. (18 3/4” x 13 1/4”) However, if you would rather have the look of the antique piece, you can stitch over 2 linen threads horizontally and 3 threads vertically. Just remember to adjust the size of linen you purchase.

      Spring is a buzzing finally in Kansas City! When I walk outside I hear "the girls" working. Our pin oak tree is in bloom and the bees are gathering nectar. I didn't realize how much honey bees are involved in pollinating oak and maple trees. When I heard the hum of activity I looked up and found them working the bloom in the tree. Guess we will have tons of acorns! It was hard for me to be in the right place to capture a picture of  one of our gals....but below is one beginning to land. I guess oak nectar is delicious! Who knew?

     I love the hearing them as I walk around the yard. It was really quiet until we began keeping bees.

Until later!


  1. Liebe Alma,
    ich liebe die Stickmotive von Blackbird Design. Der Erdbeersampler ist ganz bezaubernd!
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße

  2. Strawberry Sampler: w-a-n-t WANT!!!!


  3. Oh I'm so excited for this one! Bee still my heart! Alma I would love info on where you stay when you go to the gulf!

    1. Hi Kim,

      We stay at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Go to Meyer Realty's web site and check out all of the property they have to rent. This time we stayed about 16 miles west of HWY 59, out Fort Morgan way. It's a drive to the grocery store....but we wanted a screened-in-porch.

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  5. Oh just lovely and will be in my stash asap;))
    The vacation you had sounds fabulous, who wants to go back to snow! Althoug the storm must have been horrendous, glad you are safe;)

  6. The storms sound major scary! Another hit with the loose feather.

    Love hearing and seeing the bees work--they love lavender

  7. So glad to see the start of this new series - beautiful!

  8. Love the new Loose Feathers! So pretty! Those thunderstorms at the beach house sound scary. Glad all was ok.

  9. alma it sounds like a lovely place to be with just the girls even though you had rain it is still a cozy environment to stitch away. The beach looks very inviting to walk along even in a great sweater and shoes. I think you have given me a plan for my mini vacation.
    I love your books and patterns so much and love when you go away and come back with such great ideas and patterns. I still have to get tending the garden will have to see if my quilt store has it since I have a gift certificate that needs to get used.

  10. Can't wait for my package to come from Old Mill Stitchery. The Loose Feathers keep getting better. Glad that you all survived the storms.

  11. Another delight!I look forward to the Loose Feather releases. I just finished the Peacock pincushion for a Guild exchange. Your designs are always so cute!

  12. So beautiful! Do you have a thread list available? Thank you!

  13. Again a beautifull design, enjoy your holyday! hope you come on lago Maggiore one day it's really relaxing here and inspiring too. Hugs from Italy !!!

  14. I have a almost brand new country victorian house with porch all around it if you ever come to
    southern california to photograph.
    i love your books and patterns and have made
    several. The house looks like a miniature
    "hotel del coronado" and its all white.
    Joylene Bouma

  15. You keep bees? what is involved? planting many flowers that they like? How far away do you have the bee hive?
    Absolutely love your designs and pattern reproductions. For me is like stepping back in time!!!
    Thank you

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