Columbus Park

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome to the Columbus Park Community Garden! I discovered this garden quite by accident on my way to meet Edie for lunch one day. Edie McGinnis, my editor/friend from the Kansas City Star and I have been having lunch together in a different cafe/restaurant each week. We decided to "rediscover" different communities in our Kansas City area.What a grand time we are having too! (I'd say about 10 extra pounds worth.)

One of the members of the garden built this fabulous gate from some scrap pieces of metal. I love the way the gate opens into the garden.

I have visited this garden about 6 times since my first discovery of it. I love the simplicity. Nothing too fancy but it still shows a love of gardening and time spent together for a common cause. One of the gardeners has lived in the area for about 15 years and another 20. (I'm not sure about the other members...I know there are more than just two.) She told me that sometimes on a Friday afternoon the members of the community will meet here, grill dinner and share the evening together. 

 Quirky objects are added to the raised beds. This pink flamingo seems surprised at the rapid growth of the vegetables considering our lack of water all summer.

This blue headboard makes the perfect plant support. Looks like someone forgot their scissors!

A broken shard of a pot shelters new lettuce seedlings.

Together the broken shards make a sweet fence. Nothing is wasted here!

A small wind chime adorns this tomato cage.

An old shutter shades and supports these blooms.

Have a plant whose roots are invasive? Just put the entire pot into the ground.

 And lastly my favorite. A huge garbage can is in the alley. To hide the eyesore they surrounded it with wire fencing and then attached some colorful shutters and doors.

I love this idea!!!

Columbus Park is a neighborhood just east of our city market area. "From 1890 to 1920, many European immigrants – especially Italians – came to Kansas City to find work in the railroad and packing industries. Most of these Italian immigrants settled in the area that was once known as the North End or Little Italy, but today is known as Columbus Park." (Quote from this site.) If you visit Kansas City make sure you stop to enjoy this area.

Cafes Edie and I have tried and highly recommend in this area:

Vietnam Cafe
Gillis Cafe

Next stop the Kansas Ctiy Community Garden and a contest!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I love the creative hiding of the garbage can.

  2. I now live in the city and miss my yard. Thanks for the tour of your gardens.


  3. Thanks for the garden pictures.

    Alma, may I ask for a "hint" of what is next for us stitcher's from Blackbird?


  4. A beautiful & interesting community garden. Such creative ideas from items that could have ended up in landfill.

  5. Thanks for posting some great ideas along with beautiful photos!

  6. Love the post... JH and I will have to try Gillis Cafe! You will love the KC Community Garden. Don't get any ideas about the gate there because it's mine.. hahaha... just haven't figured out how to talk them out of it yet. :)

  7. Plants that surrounds it makes the park more attractive.

  8. Love Kansas City . . . . . just got acquainted there three years ago. Now, I know more about the area and will be on lookout for the garden! Hope you are getting ready for some "Blackbird" designs--in time for Halloween. That's how I'm thinking over here in northern Colorado!

  9. Very nice Alma , I am collecting nice blog, I will recommend your post in my blog



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