In the Meadow

Monday, June 18, 2012

In the Meadow is at the printer and it should be ready for shipping by Monday of next week. Maybe sooner if all goes well. There are seven quilt patterns and a hooked rug in this book. Check out the May 31st. blog post to see some of the other quilts.

Barb and I are planning for fall quilt market and our next loose feather project. I'm getting the frames tonight and will be doing photography soon.

Keep your fingers crossed for rain. It's hot and dry here!

Until later,



  1. Oh I have to order this asap!!!

  2. I just ordered a little more Meadow.

    Look forward to seeing the new Loose Feathers, even though I am woefully behind on those. Always fun to get excited about a new one.

    Hot here, too. This will be the hottest weather of the year for us. We need rain, too, even though we were blessed with some yesterday.

    Keep cool!


  3. Vi nas fotos do mercado esses pássaros em uma parede e me apaixonei.

  4. Hot but not dry in Minnesota. Wish we could send some of our rain your direction.

    Can't wait to see the next Loose Feathers!

  5. Your new book is on my list "to buy" the new bird quilt. Have seen it many times in different blogs sites that were at market.

  6. Tell you what...I will send you some rain, if you send me some sun!! We are still waiting for a sunny SPRING!! Love the cover of your new book!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  7. I saw the bird quilt in the market photos, love that quilt, definitely on my to buy list.


  8. Pretty birds!!!! I don't quilt but I still love adding your books to my collection :-).

  9. The book cover is very pretty. I hope you got your rain. All the best.

  10. I will buy it. I just finished a little uilt from Beach House fabric. The pattern was in

    Simply Charming, I think. Hubby loved it, I love it.

  11. It looks lovely! Can't wait to see the book :)


  12. Can't wait to see the book!
    In the meantime, the baskets are still growing,...

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