Cookie Decorating Class

Friday, December 9, 2011

     Are you ready for the holidays? I looked at the calendar and I'm starting to get worried. It seems like I have 5 minutes to prepare before the kids arrive home again. I'll need food to feed them....lots of food. I spent all Thanksgiving around the stove and am thinking it will be the same at Christmas. I took a class last night at the Culinary Center of Kansas City on cookie decorating. Diana Cooper taught the class and she was great. The class started at 6:30pm and finished at 10:00. Every second was filled with great information about frosting, baking the cookies and small details that can made a cookie really sparkle. 

I was the first one done. (Not a good thing when you see my cookies.) I was boxing up my cookies and Diana saw my plain gingerbread boy. She wouldn't let me leave until I added eyes. Now the cookie is just too funny....I swear I can see the fear in those eyes, with good reason too. He must know that Dave can eat a cookie in one bite! 


     I never felt the need to purchase 3-D cookie molds. But after making the reindeer above, I'm sold on the idea. I showed Dave this Rudolph cookie and said, "Look what my life is coming to!" At least he adds much laughter to the season.

     I'm imagining one beside each Christmas plate on the dinner table. He could be an appetizer. (Now his eyes are beginning to look a bit fearful too aren't they?

     Diana baked all the cookie parts and we only had to decorate. She had about 30 people in her class. That's a lot of reindeer parts! When she demonstrated how to put Rudolph together and put on his eyes I about fell out of my chair laughing.

     Royal icing was used on the mitten. I had to first pipe the icing around the cookie to form a dam. Next "flow" a slightly watered down version of the icing inside the "dam" to cover the mitten. You can tell from the close-up I need to practice the piping part. When Diane came by my table she looked at my cookies and said she liked the coconut on the mitten. She was the best....I knew she was trying to find something positive as I was working.

This light blub is iced with a flosting that dries glossy. You can tell I added a bit much....but we like icing here!

Saturday, I'm taking a cake pop class. I need all the help I can get!

Loose Feather update
Barb and I have the next Loose Feather projects just about done. I have to do photography and get the booklet ready. As Gentle Arts floss company will be closed the 15th, and I'm not sure about Crescent Colours, I'm posting the colors for shop owners to order early.

Gentle Arts floss
GA Cidermill Brown, GACaramel Corn, GA Wood Trail, GA Flax, GA Piney Woods, GA Endive and GA Maple Syrup.  
Crescent Colours floss
CC Wild Berries, CC Queen Bee and CC Manor Red.

The Jolly Jabber blog for the Fat Quarter Shop posted a bit of information from us about our new fabric line that has just hit the shops. There is a contest and some fabric to win. Be sure to go and  sign up for some Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric.

Hope all your decorated cookies are better than mine!!!
Until later,


  1. I decided about fifteen years ago that I was too old to ice cookies, i.e. no patience!

    I, too, like the coconut band on your mitten...really!

    Have fun.


  2. Wish I could learn to decorate cookies properly. Have fun with them. Think I'll be doing some of this on Saturday when I'm with 3 of the 4 grand-kids.

  3. Alma...I love your adorable. I MUST have that 3D cookie cutter. Where are they sold? I'm also "pinning"... OMG... I LOVE IT!! Will you "pin" with me.. I can just imagine the wonderful things you have on your boards!!

  4. Yes, the eyes on those cookies look very frightened. As they should be, cause I bet they're delicious! We like lots of frosting here too :)

    Can't wait for the last Loose Feathers and to see what's next for 2013!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. aww so sweetttttttttttttt
    they looking so yummyyyy :)
    have lots of fun dear..
    cookies hugs;)

  6. Great idea to place at each table setting! The "eyes" may be in competition with Mr. Praying Mantis!! Cracked me up!

  7. I love the 3D idea, something different and fun to decorate the table with.


  8. Yummy. Looks good. How did your brown sugar turkey turn out? I am loving some of your newest stitching designs. Don't sweat getting everyone fed. I am certain nobody will starve and you should just take a moment and enjoy the friends, family and fun.

  9. I can sit and cross-stitch for hours...I can sit and applique the bird on my newest quilted pillow for hours...but...make 3D cookies? I'll just use my cookie cutters and sprinkle some colored sugar on them and call it done...they're eaten before they even cool off!

  10. Awesome, THE best cookies ever. Too bad that THE distance is far to far. Enjoy xmas

  11. AH HA!!! so you don't come by your extraordinary culinary skills by take classes!!!! Ok...I am feeling a little better...the issue is I have never been a great student!

  12. Alma,
    I think your cookies are adorable and look super sweet. Personally I don't like perfect Martha Stewart Cookies , they don't look homemade, trouble at my house is they eat them as fast as I can bake them. The 3 D Ruddy is so darn cute, Love it.

  13. cute cookies!! sounds like it was fun. i just finished looking at some of your older post.WOW wish i still had a LNS. i've always liked your patterns. denise

  14. I love the eyes on the man...he does look a little frightened. The deer, not so much - yet. Cute!

  15. I think your creative ability has expanded to baking. You can make some wonderful and cute cookies.
    And then they can be eaten in fun ways.
    I get the biggest kick out of baking. Will be making iced sugar cookies for the man this year, as they are His favorite.
    And will use every cutter I have.
    Clearly need to go out and find some unique cutters.
    Happy baking...Kcg

  16. Oh, I loved your post. I got a great tickly laugh out of your cookie tails. I love your gingerbread boy. Yes, his eye's look a little scared but I don't think he has much to worry about because he is just to cute to eat in my book and I love to eat gingerbread cookies. The reindeer is amazing. I have never seen 3D cookies before. I love the idea of place cards. Can I come for dinner? ;)
    He's also to cute to be scared.
    I wish you and Alma and all your family the very Merriest of Christmases.

  17. That reindeer cookie is just too cute. I think you did great, and most importantly, you had FUN! Happy holidays!

  18. Alma, Your family is so cute! I have four myself but the girl is 22.9 and the boys are 20,17and 16. I have a Miss N -Natalie-aka"bossy and picky" when she was your daughter's age. Great job on your cookies.I admire you trying. I hope to do some flooding cookies. You might enjoy the blog Bake at 350. You should see her cookies! Thanks for your hard work at Blackbird designs. Ienjoy them even if I don'thave the time to stitch that I wish I had. Happy, joyful, blessed New Year! Kathryn

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