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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This sampler is from the book A Stitcher's Journey. The original sampler was done as a school project in the Kildare Model School in Ireland.
 Bonnie writes,
" I just wanted to show you how I personalized “Kildare Model School”. I loved my high school days and the town where I was born & grew up. What better way to remember those days…..Added my school year and initials. Hope you like!" ~ Fellow stitcher & Texan….Bonnie VanBerg

 The sewing box is made using the pattern Casting A Spell. The shadow box is from Hobby Lobby.

 Marylin writes,
"Hello!  Here is my sewing box made ​​like yours. Thank you again for giving me the address to order the box and for your models that keep me dreaming ..."
Friends of France

Marylin  My blog :

These tags were made by making a copy of the piece Marty stitched. The small stitched piece was the Blackbird ornament from Just Cross Stitch - Christmas ornament issue for 2010.

Marty writes,
"I think I have finally figured out how to send pictures from my iPad.  I wanted to show you how I used your idea of scanning my finished needlework to make something else. All my Xmas gifts were given with one of these gift tags.  Your Just Cross Stitch 2010 ornament.   Thanks so much for the great idea.  

I also stitched all my needlework friends (15 of them) one of your pinballs from Honey Suckle Manor.  I will see if I can track down a photo of one." 
 Thanks! Marty Greiner
This pattern is from Honeysuckle Manor. It was originally a round pincushion. What a great way to finish this design.
Vonna Pfeiffer writes,  (Click on her name for the blog address to see more pictures!)
"I recently stitched Summer House Pincushion and did it in a different way. You can see more photos of it on my blog, but I'm tickled pink about how it turned out. I'd been working on this idea for a while now and today it all came together. Of course it wouldn't be half as wonderful without the use of your and Barb's design on it. Please see the attached picture and then more views can be seen at my blog.

Thank you so very much for your wonderful designs and your most perfect inspirations in both blog, designs and books!"

Lida Kunkeler from the Netherlands writes,
 "Yesterday I finished the flower pattern that I found in the Loose Feathers latest booklet. I also finished last week the first part of the new large pattern and I enjoyed both very much!
Today I bought a frame in a second hand shop en framed the flower and here you can see the result on my wall. Sorry for the shining, but it is a very old frame with old shining glass.
I hope we get the second book soon, so I can carry on with the big embroidery and I hope you have some great extra's again!"

This pattern was one of the bonus patterns from the Loose Feather pattern titled Summer.

Thanks to all for taking the time to send pictures of your finished projects! We love seeing what you are working on and how you change our patterns and designs to make them your own!
 You must take pictures of your projects and send them to Alma at

 (I promise not to show this guy any more after today. I just can't get over how it looks like he is talking to me and now you too!)
Also if any shop owner still has a copy of Merry Christmas Ella Vaughn could you please e-mail me? I have someone that is looking for it.  Thank you! 
Until later,


  1. Great show and tell pieces! I think the praying mantis is trying to hypnotise us. lol!

  2. Wow. Those are such inspiring projects. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's so much fun to see how people finish your designs. I especially love Vonna's idea with the wooden hoops. Keep up the great work, everyone.

    I'm stitching LF Autumn and am about to start Casting a Spell as a side project to work on here and there.

    Hope your day is as beautiful as it is here in Ohio.


  4. Lovely work thanks for inspiring so many people. Please do show that fearless leader again - he is hilarious!

  5. wowwwwwwww they are really very beautiful projects..i love them all xx

  6. I love your preying mantis. He makes me smile!

  7. Always love it when you've updated your blog! Fun to see everyone's projects. The PM is hilarious! I have a friend coming over to paint and wax a box tonight...the one from the Schoolgirl Sampler book. Can't wait to see how it turns out...finally found the fabrice at a quilt shop in Washington state and they are shipping it to me today! Wahoo!

  8. I was very disappointed to find that Blackbird Designs is not doing an Engagement Calendar for 2012!
    I love everything about my 2011 one and was really hoping to use another one next year!
    Please consider doing one for 2013!

  9. Thank you so much for posting my school girl sampler. We had a girlfriend (20 of us)reunion from high school last spring and this prodded me to do something for my school years that I so adored.

  10. you made some very nice things, congratulations! Thanks for sharing this with us. greetings from Bruges.Carine

  11. Alma, I hope you're paying Mr Praying Mantis for his time :)He's the new Gecko? LOL! I always look forward to reading your blog.

  12. Thank you for showing my embroidery and I love the Autumn part of the Loose Feathers project, but also the beautiful extra's, I will send you a photo as soon as I finish it! Greetings from The Netherlands,

  13. Congrats to all stitchers for the lovely finishes!

  14. Beautiful show and tell . So inspiring. I would love to order the casting a spell box from Hobby Lobby too. Would you be able to email me the name of the box as I can't seem to find it on the hobby lobby website.Thank you

  15. Thank you so much for your beautiful designs! I would love to make a casting a spell box with your design. Can you please tell me where I can order a box like that?

    best regards,


  16. You are very creative! Love your blog:-)

  17. I can't wait to see the new books! And I love the could use the praying mantis over and over...I love the commands he gives on your past post.

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