Second part of our trip

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jean Lea, from The Attic Needlework, recommended that we stay at the Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona, Arizona. Jean has a yearly cross stitch retreat at the resort.

Jean writes,
"Our retreat is always the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March, and the weather at that time of year in Sedona is also very variable. Some years we've had lunch out on the cafe patio with temps in the mid '70s, and other years we had 10 inches of snow. Some of the ladies love to hike, and there's a great trail right on the property.

Next door, just south of Junipine, is another resort, Garland's, and they offer rustic cabin accommodations that have no phones or TV's, and the American plan, with breakfast and dinner included in your rate. I only mention it because their dinners are fabulous and one can have dinner there without actually staying there.

I've been doing The Attic retreats there since 1999, I think, and each year almost the same people come back, so there's always a waiting list. Several ladies have been coming each year, some from as far away as Wisconsin, Texas, New York, and Florida. I intentionally limit it to 20-23 ladies because the room in the cafe where we have some of our eat-togethers won't accommodate more, nor do the creek houses."

Barb and I loved the place. We stayed two nights and stitched the time away on the deck. We plan to go again....will let you know the dates so we can all go together.

This was our view from "our" deck. The stream provided a very relaxing view. The sound of the river was a refreshing break from traffic noise. It was the perfect place to work. We parked ourselves on the deck and only left the cabin for dinner. We can see why Jean hosts a retreat at Junipine!

If you go later in the season, there will be plenty of blackberries to pick too. Look out for the thorns though!

Barb and I finalized our next Loose Feathers program while staying at the Junipine Resort. Loose Feathers will be ready to go to the printer in about 1 1/2 weeks. The patterns should be in the distributors' warehouses by July 7th.

Strawberries and birds capture our hearts and are the theme of the first Loose Feather booklet. Each booklet will include a featured pattern and two bonus charts. The featured pattern can be individually framed or be stitched into one long piece of linen. The designs can fit together or stand alone as you wish.

The picture above illustrates one of the bonus charts offered in the first booklet. There will be three Loose Feather booklets in this series. The next booklet will be ready in September and the final one in November. (Is this about as clear as mud?) Not to will all become clear in the next two weeks.

The wonderful pictures below were sent to me and they've been sitting in my e-mail file. It's about time to share....really way past time.

Karen Seitz writes,

"I finished the Prairie Home Sewing Box project from the class with Tomorrow's Heirlooms, and I want to share photos with you. I decided to line the inside top of the box too and create a pocket, so I found some of the fabric still available on-line and did 'er up! I have the pincushions stitched, but I have not been up to the precision sewing required to get that great rickrack edge done to perfection.
(BTW, the K would not fit in the area provided for the initial, so I stitched it over one and added an S, then added some of the small diamond motifs in the lower left quadrant of that area. I also stitched all of the lambswool motifs using Smyrna Crosses, used Smyrnas for the roof for texture, and filled in the heart with rice stitches. The larger diamond-shaped motif up and to the right of the house is done in queen stitches.)

Valie sent the above two projects and she writes,
"Here are a couple of finishes - a Birthday "card" and a Congratulations for the New Baby pillow - based on your oh-so-wonderful patterns. Whenever I need to stitch a little present/memento, I go and look at my Blackbird Designs charts: there will always be one that will suit the occasion.

More to come about our trip to see Paul McCartney next time. Sorry to drag this trip out, but I just don't have enough time to post it all at once.
Until later!



  1. How exciting this all is!!! Your stay in AZ looks wonderful! The new Loose Feathers has me jumping up and down for joy! The finishes featured on your blog are gorgeous! And then you got to see Sir Paul too??? Great times!!!

  2. wow, I am definitely putting that spot on my bucket list! love, love, love the sewing box! pretty much am addicted to all the projects I see!

  3. thank you for the travle day I would like to stay there. Also would love to attend an Attic retreat but they are always already full!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for the sneak peek of your upcoming Loose Feathers. It looks gorgeous!

    Wonderful finishes by Karen and Valie!

  5. We took a trip to AZ at Christmas last year and did as much hiking as possible at Oak Creek Canyon but it was very muddy and even the day we were there, sort of rainy. That is a beautiful stop. Need to make it longer and stay at one of those great looking cabins!

  6. ohhh that place looks bliss :) and love the new sneak peek :) love mouse xxxxx

  7. Looking forward to the new LF series, it looks wonderful! And thanks to Karen and Valie for sharing their finishes.

  8. If you 2 go to Junipine again, my sisters and I are so in! How much fun would it be to stitch with the 2 of you??? Oh my GOSH, I'm shivering just thinking about it! Teehee! Oh...and another Loose Feathers?....shivering again! Hugs!

  9. LF sounds so exciting. I really like the sneak peek of the first bonus chart. Strawberries and birds are always a image I associate with summer. Perfect for a July release.
    Will have to hot foot it to my LNS soon.

  10. omGoodness Alma - what a fantastic trip you and barb had to Arizona - I 've been to see Jean at the Attic and I am an Attic Addict for sure - ordering way more from her that one should be allowed. Good to hear LF is returning - sounds like more fun on the way. Can't wait to see the new fabric line - sounds yummy! Melody

  11. Count me in with "Loose Feathers" I'm going to pre-order it. Just beautiful.

  12. I have a friend who collects strawberry items and I had been looking for something special to make for her. I can't wait until the new pattern comes out. The sneak peak looks just perfect for her!

  13. Oh that is so wonderful! How refreshing and beautiful. Looks like a fabulous place to have any kind of retreat. I wish it was closer... I would so be there as often as I could, hehe!

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