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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

July's issue of Cross - Stitch & Needlework magazine features a Blackbird pattern.

They added pictures of some of our other projects in the magazine too. Check it out at your local cross stitch shop.

I used a frame from Sharon Crescent's Family Tree Frames. Adding handles and a glass cover transforms this frame into a sewing tray.

Joan from has already finished the project and she writes,
"Just wanted to send you a picture of "Land of the Free" that I stitched from the latest issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine that you designed. I so enjoyed stitching it. I changed up the threads since I didn't have all of the Belle Soie. I just used Sampler and Weeks that I had in my stash."

Love the colors Joan!

I've not posted much....but will get back into the swing of things soon. I promise. Just finished biking the Peddler's Jamboree. The ride was on the Katy Trail. We traveled from Columbia, Missouri to Boonville, and then back again. I'm going to do it again next was a great ride. Beautiful weather and scenery. We should all pledge to ride the trail together and have a stitch-along-the-way. After riding about 34 miles, you're ready to get out your needles and stitch and rest a bit!

Until later!



  1. Alma,

    Makes me tired to think of biking, good for you. Thanks for posting my finished project. I so enjoyed stitching it.


  2. I'm afraid that after biking 34 miles I'd be ready for the sofa instead of stitching! Kudos to you, Alma, for doing all the biking! Love the new project!

  3. That's a lot of miles on the bike! Wow, I'm impressed! I love this design. I need to go find the magazine!

  4. Oh Alma, you are amazing! I awed by your 34 mile ride, in fact my legs are tired just thinking about it! Great job!

    I too love the new design and cannot wait to stitch it. Joan's finish is beautiful.


  5. I haven't rode that many miles in years, I am out of shape;) Sounds like a wonderful time and lots of memories.


  6. Beautiful design! I cannot wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing. :o)

  7. Congrats on doing the bike ride - fabulous!
    Love the new design.

  8. Biking & stitching? I'd probably be shaking!! I used to ride quite a bit while my neighbor was training for a marathon - I rode along the side - that, my friend, was MANY moons ago!!
    Great project in the magazine!!

  9. Great project. How do you keep coming up with such timeless ideas? Congrats and thanks for all your inspiration. It seems like forever that quilting has been mentioned. Will you continue with fabric and quilts or are the blackbirds " migrating " toward just stitching projects?
    Thank you! Joan T

  10. I'm stitching this wonderful piece now.The colors are just beautiful. Any thoughts of a follow-up "Home of the Brave"????
    Linda C.

  11. Love the cross stitch. I will never live long enough to do it ALL!

  12. I love the idea of transforming the frame into a sewing tray, very nifty!

    My niece just rode that too! I bet she didn't know she would be riding it with celebrities! =]

  13. I had to run out and get the magazine after seeing your design on the blog. I can't wait to stitch it. It's beautiful.

  14. Ah biking!!! I can't bake bread, nor make cheese but my quest to be you has now hit a new area that I can!!! LOL I wonder if I could bike 34 miles on my white pearl rose designed crusier bike with a basket and a bell....hummmm

  15. I just found your blog. I'm your newest follower. I have loved your designs for years. I wish I could get them all stitched up like I planned, but well, someday!
    Please come visit me at my new blog, Ric Rac and Polka Dots. I'm brand new, but have tons of fun stuff planned to share with you. Hope to see you there!

  16. Had a hard time finding the magazine. Looked near my home in LA and now on business in Atlanta, I found it! Actually, I took the last issue on the magazine rack. Lucky me. I did not want to miss this design. I LOVE it!! If only I could start it today but will have to wait to return home to my stash of cross stitch supplies.
    Keep the cool designs coming!

  17. I bought the magazine yesterday just for THIS PATTERN!!! love it!!!

  18. I like your work, it is beautiful
    I congratulate
    good bye
    tijeras y cuchara

  19. I loved this article and pattern. I really like how you said that you add a part of your family history into your charts. I did the design for my father for father's day. I switched out your initials and date with my father's revolutionary ancestor Samuel Mason. He really liked it and I enjoyed stitching it. I too switched to threads since I did not have the silks, but it still looked beautiful. Thank you for continuing to make wonder patterns to stitch.


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