The Covered Box

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The blue fabric turned out better than I thought it would. Actually, I really like it. The fabric on the left is the one that was color removed and overdyed with tan dye. It looks faded and old....You could tell your friends..."Look what I found it in my grandmother's attic!"

The black fabric on the right is the one that was color removed and overdyed. I think I'm going to cover the box with this print. It just looks like it should be on an "old" sewing box.

Step 1 Trace the outline of the box lid on the reverse side of your fabric.

Step 2 Cut out the circle adding a 1/4" fold-over allowance.

Step 3 Use a sponge brush and cover the entire area of the box lid with a light coat of PVA glue.

Step 4 Center the fabric circle on the box lid and stretch and smooth the fabric in place.

Step 5 Since the centering part of step 4 is really hard to do....trim around the edge to get rid of some of the excess. I can never get mine centered just right. Plus the fabric stretches a bit as you try to pull and smooth out the fabric.

Step 6 Spread glue around the edge of the lid and press the fabric excess in place.

Step 7 Measure the rim size. Add 5/8" to the measured size. My rim measures almost 1". So I cut a strip a hair over 1 1/2".

Step 8 Fold over 1/4" of the fabric along the long edge for a finished edge. Iron the fold to crease.

Step 9 Spread a thin layer of glue along the rim.

Step 10 Align the finished edge along the top of the rim. Glue the strip in place. It helps to do a small area at a time. Stretch the strip along the rim and smooth in place.

Step 11 Glue and fold the raw edge over. Apply more glue and press the finished edge down.

Step 12 Wipe the excess glue away with a damp paper towel. Press the fabric strip along the rim edge to make sure you it is glued down securely.

Step 13 Glue the raw edge of the fabric strip on the inside of the box lid.

I am going to line the inside of the box with a color copy of a vintage sampler. For those of you who have stitched a reproduction is the perfect place to use a color copy of your stitching. You will need a couple of images of your work....2 - 11" x 17" pages will give you enough paper to finish this project. If you would like to use old book pages or decorative paper this will work great too.

It's almost 6:00pm I have to close for now. My husband and I are going out to dinner....don't want to miss that! No cooking tonight!!!!!!

Until tomorrow!



  1. So glad that you're doing this tutorial - seeing actual photos is great! Thanks a lot, Dale

  2. Hi from Spain!
    It's lovely to see the way you work. I admire your work a lot
    thanks a lot

  3. Thanks for part II--I love both of the "Black" fabrics--both the original and treated versions! I would love to try making something with both together; I LOVE Black and Brown as a pairing!

    Also, I made a blog on my own page about your Beneath the Sunlit Sky (LF 26, I think), which is a current WiP of mine. I'd imagine that seeing your designs out there being worked and enjoyed is a little like seeing your children make a success of themselves out in the great world. Though it is out of season, I am loving it!

  4. Thanks for your helping hand(s)with this project and making it look and sound so easy. I just love the way you fashion fabrics to appear vintage. SusanA and I have a date next week for "boxing." I doubt we'll take pictures. :)

  5. You make it look so easy! I know it won't be as easy for me. lol! Enjoy your dinner with your hubby. Love those no cooking nights! Looking forward to the next part of the tutorial!

  6. Girl....Martha Stewart has NOTHING on you! Fabulous! Thanks so much!

  7. The fabrics really turned out so nicely and they look so vintage now. I will have to try that with some of mine.
    I love step by step photos, I need visuals. Great tutorial.


  8. The colour of the fabric is fabulous!
    Thanks for a great tutorial!

  9. Surprisingly, I have alot of that Aunt Luci's fabric. But I think I'll save it for Women of Grace and charm project. Tempting, though. I love black prints. I hope I can find that glue. Jane

  10. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial -
    I want to try this soon!

  11. Your instructions and pictures are so good! Can't wait to try it.

  12. Thanks so much for this "online class". I've printed it out so I can do it sometime & have the instructions when I do. I think it would make a nice package for a prize give-away for my weekend retreats. Or the grand opening of my new store January 4 as a doorprize.

  13. I just finished reading all the posts up to the 31st about the boxes. Thanks for sharing this craft.


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